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Upgrade a distributed RHEL, CentOS, or Oracle Linux installation of Splunk UBA

Before upgrading Splunk UBA in a distributed deployment, be sure you have verified the Upgrade Splunk UBA prerequisites. Make sure that the prerequisites are verified on each server in the distributed deployment.

Distributed environment upgrade steps

Install Splunk UBA 5.0.5 on the management node only. The upgrade script will update all relevant files on the other Splunk UBA nodes. Ensure that Splunk UBA is running before you upgrade.

To obtain and install Splunk UBA 5.0.5, perform the following tasks on the management node:

  1. Obtain the Splunk UBA Software Update and download the file to the /home/caspida directory. Select version 5.0.5 from the drop-down list. The downloadable archive file is named splunk-uba-software-update_505.tgz.
  2. Extract the archive with the following command:
    tar xfz /home/caspida/splunk-uba-software-update_505.tgz -C /home/caspida

    The following files are extracted:

    • splunk-uba-software-update-000059-505.tgz
    • splunk-uba-software-update-000059-505.tgz.md5sum
    • uba-ext-pkgs-5.0.5.tgz
    • uba-ext-pkgs-5.0.5.tgz.md5sum
  3. Extract the software update package in the /home/caspida directory:
    tar xfz /home/caspida/splunk-uba-software-update-000059-505.tgz -C /home/caspida
  4. Apply the patch with the following command:
    /home/caspida/patch_uba_505/bin/utils/patch_uba.sh -p /home/caspida/patch_uba_505 -e /home/caspida/uba-ext-pkgs-5.0.5.tgz
    The command installs the new Splunk UBA software, restarts Splunk UBA, and then restarts the data sources.

Apply security patches on your Linux operating system

Perform the following tasks to apply the latest Linux operating system security patches:

  1. Log in to the Splunk UBA management node as the caspida user.
  2. Run the following command to stop Splunk UBA and all services:
    /opt/caspida/bin/Caspida stop-all
  3. On each Splunk UBA node, perform the following tasks:
    1. Log in as the caspida user.
    2. Run the following command to install the security plugin:
      sudo yum -y install yum-plugin-security
    3. Run the following commands to check for any available security updates:
      sudo yum updateinfo list security all
      sudo yum updateinfo list sec
    4. Run the following command to update all packages with the available security updates:
      sudo yum update --security -y
      sudo yum --security update-minimal
    5. Reboot the system:
      sudo reboot
  4. On the Splunk UBA management node, run the following command to start Splunk UBA and all services:
    /opt/caspida/bin/Caspida start-all

Next steps

Verify a successful upgrade of Splunk UBA.

Last modified on 29 October, 2021
Upgrade a distributed AMI or OVA installation of Splunk UBA
Upgrade a Splunk UBA deployment that is using warm standby

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® User Behavior Analytics: 5.0.5

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