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Splunk Add-on for NetApp Data ONTAP

ONTAP Collection Configuration Dashboard

The Data Collection Nodes panel

Look here for more details and explanation on adding, deleting, and editing data collection nodes.

Field Description
Data collection node This is a list of all nodes configured in your environment. The status of a node is always displayed. Look at the table to see that the node has passed all the validation checks. if validation fails, you will see an "invalid" status. The data collection node is identified in the table by it's Node management URI. Validation is enforced on the device management URI (as Splunk expects a certain protocol). Specify the full management URI of the Splunk installation. This is comprised of the protocol (https is required) , the address, and the port number for the management URI. For example,
Do this in the Add Data Collection Node dialog.
User This is the Splunk Forwarder Username for the selected node. The default username is admin.
Worker processes This is the number of processes you have running on the Data Collection Node to process the data and forward it to the Indexer(s). This is remote forwarder management. The minimum number of processes you can run in 1 and the maximum number is 8. Configure this when you create a new node or edit the settings of an existing node.

Each time you access a node, the credentials for that node are validated.

Last updated This date reflects the last time any updates were made to the data collection node.
Credential Validation Credential validation is either valid or invalid. Valid indicates that credentials are established correctly.
Add Data Collection Node Click Add Data Collection Node to add a new node.

Add/Edit Data Collection Node

To add a data collection node to your environment, click Add Data Collection Node. The Add Data Collection Node dialog is displayed. To make changes to a node that is already part of your environment, click on the node in the table. The Edit Data Collection node dialog is displayed.

Field Description
Splunk Forwarder URI This is the URI to the Splunk forwarder on your data collection node. Communication happens by default on port 8089. Enter the URI in the format
Splunk Forwarder Username This is the forwarder username.
Splunk Forwarder password This is the forwarder password.
Worker Processes These are the worker processes that run on the node to do data collection tasks. They are managed directly by the scheduler. The maximum number you can have is 8 unless you do some advance configuration.
Cancel Click Cancel to discontinue with your current operation.
Save Click Save to save the details you entered for the data collection node. After saving the details the node appears in the table.
Delete node This option is only available on the Edit Data Collection Node Dialog. Click Delete node to deleted the selected data collection node.

ONTAP Collection Configuration Panel

Look here for more details and explanation on adding, deleting, and editing ONTAP server settings.

Field Description
Target This is an ONTAP server configured in your environment. The ONTAP servers are identified in the table by their IP address.
User This the user account for the ONTAP server. The default username is admin.
Credential validation This can be valid or invalid. It is a report on the status of the credentials check. If the status is invalid, you have a problem accessing the ONTAP server, and you cannot collect data.
Connection Validation This indicates the connection status to the ONTAP servers.
Realm This is the name of the Realm to which the ONTAP servers belong.
Add ONTAP Collection Add a new ONTAP server.
Refresh Validation Click this button to get an updated status for any given filer. When you refresh, an attempt is made to connect with all of the connection targets and to validate the credentials for each target. Use "Refresh Validation" to explicitly check for connectivity to your ONTAP servers and to keep the status on the Collection Configuration page synchronized with the actual state of your environment.

Add/Edit ONTAP Collection

To add a new ONTAP server, click Add ONTAP Collection. To update the properties of an ONTAP server already configured in your environment, click on the server listed in the table. The Edit ONTAP Collection dialog is displayed.

Field Description
ONTAP servers This is the fully qualified domain name for the filer(s).
Use Realm Based Credentials Select this box to add your server to a realm.
Realm If you selected to use realm based credentials, then enter the name of the Realm.
ONTAP username This is the username used to access the filer(s). The default is "admin".
ONTAP Password This is the password for the filer(s).
Collect all performance categories Click this check box to collect data from all sourcetypes. When unchecked, the list of categories for which the app collects performance data is listed. These categories are: Volume, Disk, LUN, Aggregate, Vfiler, Qtree, Quota, System.
Cancel Click Cancel to discontinue with your current operation.
Save Click Save to save the details you entered for the ONTAP server. After saving the details the ONTAP server is displayed in the list of targets in the ONTAP Collection Configuration table.

Stop Scheduler/ Start Scheduler - Click this button to start collecting data from your environment. Note that if you have the scheduler running and you want to add another ONTAP server to the Collection Configuration, you must stop the scheduler and restart it so that the new ONTAP server can be included.

Last modified on 13 September, 2023
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