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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk® Add-on Builder. For documentation on the most recent version, go to the latest release.

Fixed issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2016-06-30 TAB-487 Testing a data input does not work in the Splunk Free edition.
2016-06-30 TAB-538 User with no "admin" privilege is still able to create an add-on and run validation.
2016-06-30 TAB-573 The REST API headers and parameters are saved in the reverse order.
2016-06-30 TAB-582 Incorrect page jump after adding or deleting a sourcetype in step 2 when step 5 is already done.
2016-06-30 TAB-585 Could not recognize some CSV format events in field extractions and no warning occurred while parsing.
2016-06-30 TAB-587 Before restarting Splunk Enterprise, disabling and then enabling a modular input causes an HTTP 404 error.
2016-06-30 TAB-588 No validation for modular input variable.
2016-06-30 TAB-590 Add validation check for Setup page's custom variables.
2016-06-30 TAB-600 incorrect UI after clicking "Add event type" when the page is still loading.
2016-06-30 TAB-608 When opening an installed add-on, the name in the message dialog box is not consistent with the display name.
2016-06-30 TAB-611 Should provide an error message when an exception occurs retrieving the KV store.
2016-06-30 TAB-612 Add a scroll bar inside the output box.
2016-06-30 TAB-615 Improve the output of modular inputs with no events.
2016-06-30 TAB-620 Improve the display stanza name in the best practice validation description and solution.
2016-06-30 TAB-621 In app.conf, the build property is not updated with the version.
2016-06-30 TAB-622 Could open a disabled project.
2016-06-30 TAB-624 Testing and saving a modular input fail when adding a new variable and editing code before restarting.
2016-06-30 TAB-625 The default index-time props.conf setting is not the same for sourcetypes created by a data input and created manually.
2016-06-30 TAB-626 The regex created by field extraction does not match events in group.
2016-06-30 TAB-630 Stanza in props.conf is not updated with a consistent format.
2016-06-30 TAB-631 Stanza header not deleted in tags.conf when all mapping is removed from the eventtype.
2016-06-30 TAB-632 Solution field displays 'None' for best practice validator, should be blank.
2016-06-30 TAB-633 Improve best practice validator by merging the warnings for same rules.
2016-06-30 TAB-634 The warning icon on validation result table is not aligned.
2016-06-30 TAB-636 Field extraction wrongly recognizes HTTP code.
2016-06-30 TAB-637 The app generates too many log files.
2016-06-30 TAB-639 Naming convention misalignment.
2016-06-30 TAB-656 Need GET parameters for the REST API modular input.
2016-06-30 TAB-657 After installing on Mac, the dashboard is blank.
2016-06-30 TAB-672 A blank home page is displayed when the splunkd port is not 8089.
2016-06-30 TAB-676 Cannot list sourcetype names when they have special characters.
2016-06-30 TAB-678 Best practice validation shows 'None' as the solution suggestion for rules that passed.
2016-06-30 TAB-680 Validation cannot support regex with (?i).
Last modified on 30 June, 2016
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Add-on Builder: 1.1.0

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