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Load Balancer module entities

Data model objects and tags

Attribute Data Model Object Tags
chassis Inventory inventory, loadbalancer
cpu_count Machine Information inventory, loadbalancer, cpu, os
cpu_mhz Machine Information inventory, loadbalancer, cpu, os
interfaces Inventory inventory, loadbalancer, network
memory Machine Information inventory, loadbalancer, memory, os
protocol_version Inventory inventory, loadbalancer, network, os
storage Machine Information inventory, loadbalancer, storage, os
vendor Inventory inventory, loadbalancer
vendor_product Inventory inventory, loadbalancer
version Inventory inventory, loadbalancer

F5 Entity Attributes

Attribute F5 TA Status
chassis Populating:
FIELDALIAS-get_chassis_id = get_chassis_id as device_id 
FIELDALIAS-get_chassis_id_chassis = get_chassis_id as chassis 
cpu_count Display:
EVAL-cpu_count = 
case(get_global_statistics_type=="STATISTIC_CPU_COUNT", get_global_statistics_value_low) 
cpu_mhz Display:
EVAL-cpu_mhz = mvindex(get_hardware_information_versions_value, 2) 
interfaces Populating:
FIELDALIAS-interface = get_list as interface
memory Display:
FIELDALIAS-mem = get_memory_usage_information.size.low as mem
FIELDALIAS-get_memory_usage_information_size_memory = get_memory_usage_information.size.low as memory
protocol_version Not Display:
eventtype=f5_bigip_system_statistics_icontrol | 
fields get_ipv6_stasistics.type
fields get_failback_ipv4
storage Display:
FIELDALIAS-storage = get_logical_disk_size as storage
vendor Populating:
F5 Networks 

Manually supplied by TA

vendor_product Populating:
EVAL-vendor_product = "F5 " + get_product 
version Populating:
FIELDALIAS-cim_builder = get_software_version as version

Recommended Citrix Entity Attributes

Attribute Citrix TA Status
chassis Populating:
FIELDALIAS-serialno_chassis = serialno AS chassis
cpu_count Display:
FIELDALIAS-numcpus_cpu_count = numcpus AS cpu_count
cpu_mhz Display:
FIELDALIAS-cpufrequncy_cpu_mhz = cpufrequncy AS cpu_mhz
interfaces Populating:
FIELDALIAS-interfaces = devicename AS interfaces
memory Display:
FIELDALIAS-memtotavail_memory = memtotavail AS memory
protocol_version Display:
FIELDALIAS-ipVersion_protocol_version = ipVersion AS protocol_version
storage Display:
EVAL-storage = disk0size+disk1size
vendor Populating:
Citrix Systems  

Manually supplied by TA

vendor_product Populating:
EVAL-vendor_product = hwdescription + " " + sysid
version Populating:
EXTRACT-version_short = version=\"NetScaler\s+(?<version_short>NS[^:]{1,10}): 
FIELDALIAS-version_full = version AS version_full version_short AS version 
Last modified on 28 April, 2023
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® IT Service Intelligence: 4.11.0, 4.11.1, 4.11.2, 4.11.3, 4.11.4, 4.11.5, 4.11.6, 4.12.0 Cloud only, 4.12.1 Cloud only, 4.12.2 Cloud only, 4.13.0, 4.13.1, 4.13.2, 4.13.3, 4.14.0 Cloud only, 4.14.1 Cloud only, 4.14.2 Cloud only, 4.15.0, 4.15.1, 4.15.2, 4.15.3, 4.16.0 Cloud only, 4.17.0, 4.17.1, 4.18.0, 4.18.1

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