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The best way to add viewers or collaborators to a project is to create one or more teams, and add members to each team. For example, create an Android Team, an iOS team, a QA Team, and a Product Management team. Once you have teams, you can then assign projects to the team.

Viewers are the members that have viewing rights to a particular project (they are the members of the teams that have been assigned to the project). Viewers can be notified of new errors, have access to the dashboard, resolve errors, or set fix notifications. Viewers cannot see your billing history.

Create a team and add members

You can create a team from the Splunk MINT Management Console dashboard:

  1. Go to Account > Teams.
  2. Under Add new team, type a name and click OK.
  3. To add a team member, under Members type an email address and click Search, and then click Add. If the user is not registered with Splunk MINT, you can invite them by clicking Add & Invite. Repeat as needed.

Assign a project to a team

To assign a project to a team from your Splunk MINT Management Console dashboard:

  1. Go to Account > Teams.
  2. Select the team.
  3. Under Associated projects, select a project and click Add.

Manage and mute viewers of a team

To add or remove a viewer from your MINT Management Console dashboard:

  1. Open your project and go to Settings.
  2. Under Project Settings, click Viewers.

From here, you can add and remove teams and members for the current project. You can also turn off (mute) and turn on (unmute) error notifications via email for individual members.

Integrate with developer tools

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk MINT Management Console: 1.0


On the MINT Management Console you can transfer *project* ownership through the Settings > Viewer menu. Whoever owns the projects has all the rights and privileges of managing the projects.
I just removed the note about a MINT account, which was a holdover from when there were paid plans. There is no longer a MINT ownership account. Sorry for the confusion!

Apruneda splunk, Splunker
June 14, 2017

Is it possible to transfer ownership of the account?

June 13, 2017

Anyone that has access to a project in MINT Management Console can upload dSYMs. So, if you create a team and then assign projects and members to the team, those members will have access to the data in MINT Management Console and be able to upload dSYMs.

Apruneda splunk, Splunker
September 23, 2016

It would be helpful if this page explained what permissions were required/how to grant them to allow my developers to upload dSYM files. The dSYM file references in the SDK doc don't discuss permissions required either.

September 22, 2016

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