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Known issues

The following are known issues in the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit version 5.4.1. If no known issues are listed, no issues have been reported.

Date filed Issue number Description
2022-08-24 MLA-4320 Experiments' Search bar does not work with map command when used with $$ such as date_hour=$hour$

Run your SPL in the regular Search bar. If you want to see SODA outlier visualizations, add show_density=true show_options="feature_variables,split_by,params" to your SPL and select Distribution Plot from the Visualization tab.
2022-07-20 MLA-4303 Singular Matrix error in StateSpaceForecast Algo
2022-07-03 MLA-4298, MLA-4160 'apply' search processor too aggressive in throwing exceptions
2022-01-10 MLA-4234 Deleting an alert after creating it does not work

Go to the list of alerts and delete your alert from there.
2021-11-25 MLA-4178 Experiment Alert search not created correctly from Assistant

Manually adjust the created search in savedsearches.conf or through the UI. Use the SPL created by the assistants a start.
2021-07-09 MLA-4026 What-If Analysis does not properly display on some Unix platforms
2020-08-03 MLA-3950 Apply command does not run if used from a sub search

command to append the column that will be returned from the subsearch to the savedsearch's columns, instead of assigning its value to a non-existing column in the savedsearch. Example:
| inputlookup track_day.csv
| fit LogisticRegression fit_intercept=true "vehicleType" from "batteryVoltage" "engineCoolantTemperature" "engineSpeed" "lateralGForce" "longitudeGForce" "speed" "verticalGForce" into "example_vehicle_type"
makeresults count=50000
save as
|savedsearch MLA3950 | appendcols \[| inputlookup track_day.csv | apply "example_vehicle_type" | table vehicleType]
This will append the
column from the
to the
2019-12-17 MLA-3701 Search bars in Assistants will not display more than approximately 500k rows

This is mostly a visual issue - the actual number of results the Assistant will use when fitting a model is not affected.
2019-12-11 MLA-3686 MLTK Assistants do not support quote characters in field names

Use the "rename" or "eval" command to rename the field prior to using it.
2019-10-09 MLA-3559 Loading settings from experiment history while in the Learn stage will lead to warnings, even when inputs are correct
2019-08-30 MLA-3423 Add a warning message when kfold_cv is set to number greater than half of the datasize
2019-07-12 MLA-3237 Anova table does not allow some special characters in formula so in field names also

Rename your field names before running "score anova" if they include one or more of those special characters:




Last modified on 14 October, 2023
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Machine Learning Toolkit: 5.4.1

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