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Splunk MINT SDK for iOS Developer Guide

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Get notifications about internal SDK actions

Use the MintNotificationDelegate to get notified of internal SDK events.

In Objective-C, add - (void) loggedRequestHandled:(LoggedRequestEventArgs *)args as a callback to get notified after a request has been sent to the Splunt MINT server with information about the action. For example:

// Objective-C

- (void) loggedRequestHandled:(LoggedRequestEventArgs *)args
    NSLog(@"Processed logged client request: %@", args.responseResult.clientRequest);
    NSLog(@"Server response: %@", args.responseResult.serverResponse);

Add - (void) networkDataLogged:(NetworkDataFixture *)networkData to get notified of any REST client calls that Splunk MINT monitored and get any information that was gathered.

// Objective-C

- (void) networkDataLogged:(NetworkDataFixture *)networkData
    NSString* networkDataJSON = [networkData toJSONString];
    NSLog(@"Network Data Logged: %@", networkDataJSON);

Here are the same examples in Swift:

// Swift 

func loggedRequestHandled(args: LoggedRequestEventArgs)
{ println("Processed logged client request: \(args.responseResult.clientRequest)") }

func networkDataLogged(networkData: NetworkDataFixture)
{ println("Network Data Logged: \(networkData.toJSONString())") } 

Add the MintNotificationDelegate to your class interface or private interface and then set the delegate in the Splunk MINT SDK.

// Objective-C
[Mint sharedInstance].notificationDelegate = self;
// Swift
Mint.sharedInstance().notificationDelegate = self

We recommend that you set the notificationDelegate property before initializing the plugin so you don't miss any pending requests that were sent to the server at initialization.

Last modified on 27 February, 2015
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk MINT SDK for iOS (Legacy): 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x

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