Splunk® Secure Gateway

Administer Splunk Secure Gateway

Splunk Secure Gateway is a default enabled application that's included in Splunk Cloud version 8.1.2103 and Splunk Enterprise version 8.1.0 and higher. An admin must agree to the opt-in notice before using Splunk Secure Gateway. See Get started with Splunk Secure Gateway to get started.

Troubleshoot MDM

If you're encountering issues with Mobile Device Management (MDM) for your Connected Experiences apps, see the following troubleshooting tips.

Unable to register device

If you receive an error message when attempting to register your device, see the following possible causes and workarounds.

Error Code Possible cause Workaround
N/A The instance ID file has been copied incorrectly from the Splunk platform instance or entered incorrectly into the MDM provider configuration. Make sure the instance ID file is completely downloaded and entered into your MDM provider configuration.
MOB-DEV-300 When generating an instance ID file, Splunk Secure Gateway might not generate a Splunk platform instance URL or might generate an invalid Splunk platform instance URL. Review the instance ID file and make sure your Splunk platform instance URL is there and is correct. Make sure the URL contains https instead of http.
MOB-DEV-301 There isn't HTTPS connection. MDM requires HTTPS connection. Make sure your Splunk platform instance URL contains https instead of http.
MOB-DEV-302 Your device isn't able to reach the Splunk platform instance URL specified in the instance ID file. Make sure your device has network connection, check if your device requires VPN connection, and make sure that the Splunk platform instance URL is active.
MOB-DEV-310 There's a network connection error. Make sure you have a network connection, check if you need to be connected to a VPN, and make sure the Splunk platform instance that you're connecting to is active.
MOB-SSG-400 There's an issue with Splunk Secure Gateway or Spacebridge. Troubleshoot Splunk Secure Gateway. See Troubleshoot Splunk Secure Gateway connection issues and Troubleshoot Splunk Secure Gateway performance issues.
MOB-SSG-401 The device is unable to reach the Splunk platform instance because of an incorrect signature. Make sure the instance ID file is current. To generate a new instance ID file, see Generate or retrieve instance ID files.
MOB-SSG-422 Splunk Secure Gateway is unable to generate a token for the user. Contact your Splunk admin to review the SAML configuration. See Set up SAML authentication for Splunk Secure Gateway.

Splunk platform instances list isn't showing

If you're unable to view available Splunk platform instances from your MDM-distributed device, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure the instance ID files are current. See Generate or retrieve instance ID files. to generate or renew an instance ID file.
  2. Make sure the Splunk platform instance URLS are valid and contain HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  3. Review your MDM configuration and make sure you've completed the key-value fields correctly. See Add the instance ID to your MDM provider.
Last modified on 07 December, 2020
Allow only MDM-configured devices to log in to a Splunk platform instance   Troubleshoot Splunk Secure Gateway network connection issues

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Secure Gateway: 2.4.0, 2.5.7, 2.7.4, 2.9.1 Cloud only, 2.9.3 Cloud only, 2.9.4 Cloud only, 3.0.9, 3.1.2 Cloud only, 3.2.0 Cloud only, 3.3.0 Cloud only, 3.4.251, 3.5.15 Cloud only

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