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Splunk version 4.x reached its End of Life on October 1, 2013. Please see the migration information.
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Splunk 4.3.4 was released on September 10, 2012.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

Resolved data input issues

  • When restarting a universal forwarder, *.gz files are reindexed, resulting in duplicate events. (SPL-51091, SPL-51734)
  • The .sizeManifest4.1 file reports a smaller total size than reality for buckets rebuilt by splunk fsck. (SPL-51366)
  • A capital letter in stanza name in indexes.conf causes the index to become "unfindable". (SPL-55151)
  • When editing/adding new scripted inputs in manager/REST, pre-existing cron-scheduled scripted inputs run once at the wrong time. (SPL-53278)
  • Violation of MAX_DAYS_HENCE by file-based data sources without modtime updates leads to indexing congestion in the merging pipeline. (SPL-52210)
  • Path in indexes.conf ends with "\" will cause parsing problem in Windows. (SPL-52103)
  • Errors splunkd.log "in TailingProcessor - Error matching path and file". (SPL-47988)

Resolved Splunk Web and Manager interface issues

  • Unable to delete/clone saved searches from Manager -> Searches and Reports. (SPL-52179, SPL-47878)
  • JSChart: in flashtimeline long-running top/rare searches with preview make the chart flicker. (SPL-54371)
  • JSChart: when in a dashboard, the maxResultsForTop parameter is not being respected. (SPL-53530)
  • Wrong/broken icons in Manager after upgrade from 4.2.5. (SPL-53520)
  • Sparkline not display partially and sometimes it will become very short after complete the search. (SPL-52709)
  • The tz value (tz = Etc/GMT+10) is incorrect for Hawaii time zone. (SPL-52106)
  • Can't highlight, or copy/paste LDAP users from LDAP group in the group mapping / permissions screen on Firefox. Works fine on IE. (SPL-51542)
  • Changing permissions on a tag via Splunk Web from private to global makes tag appear to have been deleted. (SPL-52388)
  • Users with expired tokens/cookies are unable to log into Splunk Web. (SPL-45981)
  • Clicking reload link in job management page takes you right back to the app page on IE. (SPL-43234)
  • Search_User_Activity dashboard doesn't show latest user search activity. (SPL-50182)
  • Application "Loading" message obscures logout link. (SPL-49191)

Resolved search, saved search, alerting, scheduling, and job management issues

  • Searches using cidrmatch may cause crashes. Workaround: replace: 'cidrmatch(A, B)' with: 'if(typeof(B, "String"), cidrmatch(A, B), null())' (SPL-49828)
  • Using the rex command with mode=sed does not work with multi-value fields. To work around this issue, use mvexpand before using rex. (SPL-52007)
  • Search fails and Splunk Web banner message: "DISPATCHCOMM_RP_FAIL__<host name>" is displayed (SPL-52565)
  • Subsearch failing with the error "Encountered an error while reading file '/opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/dispatchtmp/subsearch_*/prereport_*.csv.gz'.", the workaround is to format the fields with the command fields instead of table at the end of the sub search. (SPL-52862)
  • When a lookup table size is zero, searches run on a search head in distributed search or on a standalone instance on Windows Server might start to crash. This particularly affects the VMWare app and results in empty dashboards. (SPL-53256)
  • Summary generating searches skip even while realtime_schedule = 0. (SPL-54029)
  • Searches referencing conf files that include settings with embedded nulls cause all subsequent searches to fail with "SearchException: An unknown error occurred while parsing search". (SPL-53090)
  • Using the "rest" command in a subsearch results in a CSV read error in var/run/splunk/dispatchtmp/..., only when commands are piped after "rest". (SPL-52862)
  • "None" is in the time unit drop-down menu in throttling setting for saved searches. (SPL-54681)
  • Could not identify leap second on 30 June, 2012. (SPL-52775)
  • Creating alert to run a script: Need to validate and prevent the field called "File name of shell script to run" to accept special characters of: "..", "/", or "\". (SPL-49225)
  • Windows - scheduled searches with long (>260 char) search name always return 0 results. (SPL-43587)

Resolved distributed deployment, forwarder, deployment server, and deployment monitor issues

  • File system change monitor (fschange) settings on Windows universal forwarder does not forward events to an indexer. (SPL-54233)
  • SSO: Direct logins in permissive mode cannot logout - "Logout" button not shown. (SPL-53917)
  • A distributed search fails with a warning "DISPATCHCOMM_RP_FAIL__<host name>". (SPL-52565)

Resolved dashboard and app development issues

  • Charts not populating on realtime dashboard with filter. (SPL-53261)
  • The sort postprocess should treat the number of rows as an integer instead of a string in SimpleResultsTable. (SPL-52827)
  • Simple XML : <label> not respected for <input type="time"> module. (SPL-52492)
  • The web.conf minify_css setting modifies base path. (SPL-51365)

Resolved unsorted issues

  • Fields in custom conf files are not persisted if they do not have a default provided. (SPL-54152)
  • Search peer on Solaris platform fail to restart after creating an index on the search peer. (SPL-52863)
  • Summary indexing with alert condition set to "always" does not index all events. (SPL-52959)
  • After direct upgrade from 4.1.6 to 4.3.2, instance has index corruption and cannot run fsck on indexes. (SPL-47246, SPL-52868)
  • The 'configs/conf-authorize' endpoint is slow. (SPL-50334)
  • splunkd crashes if you delete and then create a new key in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/auth/audit/. (SPL-49185)
  • Crashing thread: CallbackRunnerThread > Seg fault > unknown signal origin > CallbackRunnerThread > MetricsManagerprobe. (SPL-53372)
  • Crash: Sig abort > HTTPRequestHandlerThread > tcmalloc > Assertion `utf8bytes >= 0xC280' failed. (SPL-53260)
  • Crashing thread: HttpClientPollingThread_index_us > Signal sent by PID 22865 running under UID 0 > XMLDocument > __assert_fail. (SPL-52991)
  • Events logged by splunkd processors to splunkd.log should reference the full context (source/sourcetype/host) of the pdata chunk in scope. (SPL-52686)
  • PDF of a dashboard does not contain results from inline realtime search. (SPL-52618)
  • Python.log: INFO Sending email: Misspelling: recepients. (SPL-52530)
  • Splunkd.log: TcpOutputProc: logging: Typo. (SPL-51842)
  • Crashing thread: HTTPRequestHandlerThread with Received fatal signal 6 (Aborted). (SPL-52226)
  • Creating an index with "Volume" in the name fails. (SPL-50749)
  • Certs are always created for splunkweb on startup if the privkey.pem and cert.pem files do not exist. (SPL-49542)
  • Every request to splunkweb is creating a session lock file in var/run/splunk, ending up in DOS. (SPL-48237)
  • "SearchResults - Unable to write" message in logs is not accurate. (SPL-47283)
  • Crash in "regex matching: Access violation" due to an extracted field having the same name as the field from which it is being extracted. (SPL-45102)
Workaround for SSL configuration for users of Firefox 3

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 4.3.4, 4.3.5, 4.3.6, 4.3.7

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