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Splunk Enterprise version 6.x is no longer supported as of October 23, 2019. See the Splunk Software Support Policy for details. For information about upgrading to a supported version, see How to upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
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Splunk 6.0.6 was released on September 3, 2014.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

Highlighted issues

  • Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.1i. ( SPL-88587)
  • Cross-site Scripting vulnerability - Splunk fails to properly sanitize users-supplied input. (SPL-85360)

Indexer issues

  • BucketMover gives incorrectly provides frozen bucket error. (SPL-83022)
  • splunkd generates warning messages incorrectly during shutdown. (SPL-84579)
  • Updates to indexes.conf not being applied without restart. (SPL-86305)

Windows-specific issues

  • splunk-optimize crashes on Windows. (SPL-84551)
  • conf-mutator.pid lacks cleanup strategy for crashes with PID-collision. (SPL-85226)
  • Installation of Windows Universal Forwarder 6.0 or later under Windows 2003 32-bit, can fail with the following messages: "Splunk Installer was unable to launch Splunk's First Time Run. Error Code 1" or "Splunk Installer was unable to launch Splunk's Pre Flight Checks. Error Code: -1073741795". Workaround: install earlier Windows UF 5.0.8. (SPL-83043)
  • Splunk uses different python Installation. (SPL-82675)
  • On Windows 2003 Server (32bit), events are not sent to indexer after migration for upgrade from 6.0.1 Universal Forwarder to 6.0.4 Universal Forwarder. (SPL-83947)

Distributed deployment, forwarder, and deployment server issues

  • Pushing large cluster bundles that do not complete before the default timeout may result in the bundle not getting set to an Active status. Running “$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk show cluster-bundle-status” shows the Latest and Active bundles are different even hours later. Cluster Master’s splunkd.log entry: “-0700 ERROR ClusterMasterPeerHandler - Cannot add peer=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx mgmtport=8089 (reason: non-zero pending job count=2075)” and Cluster peer’s splunkd.log: “-0700 WARN CMSlave - handleHeartbeatDone: successful heartbeat and re-add not received but proxy is in disconnected state. Forcing re-add.” (SPL-83316)
  • Crashes in a DS+SH instance at FreeHeap. (SPL-84530)
  • Main splunkd stops responding unexpectedly SPL-84993
  • After deleting and re-adding an existing peer to a search head, a new remote connection is not attempted. (SPL-84931)


  • DispatchSearch warns of exceeding a certain object count but fails to identify the object in question and the configuration setting in scope. (SPL-83823)
  • Search head crashes on "AlertNotifierWorker" Thread. (SPL-83964)
  • "Unknown sid" when doing search which return large amount of events. (SPL-84141)
  • Searches that are created with spaces in the name are not properly fetched. (SPL-84391)
  • Intermittent 'File not found’ browser error when trying to export very large result set (eg. 700K) to .csv file. )SPL-84894)
  • Splunk autoKV is incapable of handling user data with leading/trailing whitespace in fields. (SPL-79644)
  • Error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" in splunkd.log in reference to dispatch search.log. Error does not affect search. (SPL-82288)
  • remote_timeline_fetchall = 1 in limits.conf causes searches spending long time in Finalizing status. (SPL-82385)
  • Incomplete interesting fields list in the search dashboard with timeliner. (SPL-82522)
  • Field Extraction does not work after upgrading search head to 6.0.2 from 4.3.7. (SPL-82607)
  • DispatchSearch warns of exceeding a certain object count but fails to identify the object in question and the conf setting in scope. (SPL-83823)
  • Cluster search command does not return cluster_count by default. (SPL-83560)
  • Improve handling "unknown sid" error on the search page. (SPL-83001)
  • Splunk Search causes memory spikes followed by splunkd crash. (SPL-82869)

Clustering Issues

  • If peers don't return bundle status due to download/network issues, but re-add themselves, the master is stuck infinitely on a bundle push. (SPL-84891)
  • Cluster master configuration bundle push through Splunk Web lists wrong number of peers. (SPL-85674)
  • When using macros in event type in a Distributed Cluster environment, error: "Error in 'SearchParser': Could not find macro 'Michal_test' that takes 0 arguments." (SPL-86935)
  • [splunktcp://<port>] input does not inherit default setting "connection_host = ip" from [splunktcpin] stanza, leads to intermittent forwarder connection timeouts. (SPL-84550/SPL-85899).
  • AckQ causes permanent data stall when a single pData is larger than entire AckQ size. (SPL-82109)

Alerting Issues

  • Pooled search-head does not honor mail server defined in alert_actions.conf. (SPL-85809)

Input Issues

  • Universal Forwarder parsing queue becomes full with very little actual data. (SPL-85716)
  • DNS resolution is slow, no notable warnings or errors are recorded. (SPL-85903)
  • Inconsistent TailProcessor behavior with symbolic links/Whitelist/Wildcard. (SPL-81350)
  • Post-upgrade to Splunk 6.0 IIS log fails to index with TRUNCATE = 0. (SPL-82811)
  • For some Splunk instances, adding blacklist or whitelist to inputs for WinEventLog:Security causes splunkd.log to fill with error messages, including: "ERROR ExecProcessor - message from", "c:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\bin\splunk-winevtlog.exe", and "splunk-winevtlog - WinEventMon::processLogChannel: Failed to checkpoint for channel='security". (SPL-83520)
  • Crashing thread: DispatchReaper -- 'ComponentException: Failed to get LDAP user="" from any configured servers'. (SPL-83783)
  • Search heads request truncated replicated bundle listing from indexers, causing problems if a bundle >30 entries in the past is needed. (SPL-86759)

Simple xml issues

  • Radial/Filler/Marker gauge gets stuck between 0 - 1. (SPL-83770)

PDF issues

  • Font color in PDFs produced by pdf generation preview differs from the font color visible in the dashboards in Splunk Web. (SPL-86380)
  • [PDF report] event format settings with single value doesn't apply to PDF report. (SPL-77361)

Splunk Web

  • Event count tab is not being updated after drilling down in the timeline and then deselecting. (SPL-86793)
  • Time range picker with extra values will drop the original ones. (SPL-86219)
  • Permissions to a global Nav menu may override another Nav menu. (SPL-83717)
  • Too many custom time ranges can cause the default ranges to not be displayed in the drop-down list. (SPL-86219)
  • Content of a saved search is missing if saved search name is "." or ".." (SPL-58676)

Distributed management console

  • Crashing thread: DispatchReaper -- 'ComponentException: Failed to get LDAP user="" from any configured servers'. (SPL-83783)
  • disableDefaultPort=true in server.conf causes undesired message flood in splunkd.log. (SPL-82245)
  • Duplicate entries in Forwarder Management for some of the Deployment Clients. (SPL-80215)

Unsorted issus

  • Improve error message for the Http server thread limit ["HttpListener - Can't handle request"]. (SPL-83445)
  • Forwarder uses too much memory in Solaris. (SPL-83338)
  • Intermediate tier universal forwarder with useACK = true stops forwarding due to "timed out expecting ACK when it receives acks out of order". (SPL-81323)
  • Universal forwarder crashing thread: TcpOutEloop. (SPL-76689)
  • When searching with the multikv command for events with more than 3000 lines, Splunk Web returns error. (SPL-84692)
  • Duplicate events with useACK=true at an unacceptable rate SPL-84314

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.0.6, 6.0.7, 6.0.8, 6.0.9, 6.0.10, 6.0.11, 6.0.12, 6.0.13, 6.0.14, 6.0.15

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