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Splunk Enterprise version 6.x is no longer supported as of October 23, 2019. See the Splunk Software Support Policy for details. For information about upgrading to a supported version, see How to upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk. Click here for the latest version.
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URI quick reference

alerts/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
alerts/fired_alerts Access all fired alerts. Search X
alerts/fired_alerts/{name} Access specific fired alert. Search X X
apps/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
apps/appinstall Install app from URL or local file. Applications X
apps/apptemplates Manage app templates. Applications X
apps/apptemplates/{name} Access particular app template. Applications X
apps/local Manage local apps. Applications X X
apps/local/{name} Manage specific local app. Applications X X X
apps/local/{name}/package Archive a specific app. Applications X
apps/local/{name}/setup Access app setup information. Applications X
apps/local/{name}/update Access update information for an app. Applications X
authentication/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
auth/login Provide user authentication. Access control X
LDAP-auth Create and manage LDAP strategies Access control X X X
authentication/current-context Access current user contexts. Access control X
authentication/current-context/{name} Access specific user context. Access control X
authentication/httpauth-tokens Manage session tokens. Access control X
authentication/httpauth-tokens/{name} Manage specific session token. Access control X X
authentication/users Manage user accounts. Access control X X
authentication/users/{name} Manage specific user account. Access control X X X
authorization/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
authorization/capabilities Access capability authorization. Access control X
authorization/capabilities/{name} Access specific capability. Access control X
authorization/roles Access user roles. Access control X X
authorization/roles/{name} Access specific user role. Access control X X X
cluster/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
cluster/config Manage cluster configuration. Clusters X
cluster/config/{name} Manage specific cluster configuration. Clusters X X
cluster/master/buckets Access master node bucket configurations. Clusters X
cluster/master/buckets/{name} Access master node bucket info. Clusters X
cluster/master/control/control/rebalance_primaries Access master controls to rebalance primary buckets across peers. Clusters X
cluster/master/generation Access master node generation info. Clusters X X
cluster/master/generation/{name} Access specific generation information, cluster master. Clusters X X
cluster/master/indexes Access cluster index information. Clusters X
cluster/master/indexes/{name} Access specific cluster index information. Clusters X
cluster/master/info Access cluster master node information. Clusters X
cluster/master/peers Access peer information, master node. Clusters X
cluster/master/peers/{name} Access specific master node peer information. Clusters X
cluster/master/sites Access cluster site information. Clusters X
cluster/master/sites/{name} Access specific cluster site information. Clusters X
cluster/searchhead/generation Access searchhead peer information. Clusters X
cluster/searchhead/generation/{name} Access specific searchhead peer information. Clusters X
cluster/searchhead/searchheadconfig Access cluster configuration for searchhead. Clusters X X
cluster/searchhead/searchheadconfig/{name} Access specific cluster node. Clusters X X X
cluster/slave/buckets Access peer bucket configuration information. Clusters X
cluster/slave/buckets/{name} Access peer bucket configuration. Clusters X X
cluster/slave/info Access peer node information. Clusters X
cluster/slave/info/{name} Access information about specific peer. Clusters X
configs/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
configs/conf-{file} Raw access to .conf files. Configuration X X
configs/conf-{file}/{name} Raw access to specific .conf file. Configuration X X X
data/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
data/commands Access search commands. Search X
data/commands/{name} Access specific search command. Search X
data/index-volumes Access logical drive information. Indexes X
data/index-volumes/{name} Access logical drive information. Indexes X
data/indexes Manage data indexes. Indexes X X
data/indexes/{name} Manage specific data index. Indexes X X X
data/indexes-extended Access index bucket level information. Indexes X
data/indexes-extended/{name} access specific index bucket level info. Indexes X
data/inputs/ad Access Active Directory monitoring input. Inputs X X
data/inputs/ad/{name} Access Active Directory monitoring stanza. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/all Access all inputs, including Modular Inputs. Inputs X
data/inputs/all/{name} Access specific input. Inputs X
data/inputs/monitor Access monitor inputs. Inputs X X
data/inputs/monitor/{name} Manage specific monitor input. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/monitor/{name}/members Access files for the specific monitor input. Inputs X
data/inputs/oneshot Access one-shot inputs. Inputs X X
data/inputs/oneshot/{name} Access specific one-shot input information. Inputs X
data/inputs/registry Access Windows registry monitor input. Inputs X X
data/inputs/registry/{name} Manage Windows registry monitor stanza. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/script Manage scripted inputs settings. Inputs X X
data/inputs/script/restart Restart scripted input. Inputs X
data/inputs/script/{name} Manage specific scripted input. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/tcp/cooked Access forwarder TCP inputs. Inputs X X
data/inputs/tcp/cooked/{name} Manage TCP inputs for specific host:port. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/tcp/cooked/{name}/connections Access connections for specific port. Inputs X
data/inputs/tcp/raw Manage raw forwarder TCP inputs. Inputs X X
data/inputs/tcp/raw/{name} Access raw TCP input information. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/tcp/raw/{name}/connections Manage raw TCP input information for specific host:port. Inputs X
data/inputs/tcp/ssl Access SSL configuration information. Inputs X
data/inputs/tcp/ssl/{name} Access SSL configuration for specific host. Inputs X X
data/inputs/udp Access UDP inputs. Inputs X X
data/inputs/udp/{name} Manage specific UDP input. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/udp/{name}/connections Manage specific UDP input connection. Inputs X
data/inputs/win-event-log-collections Access configured event log collections. Inputs X X
data/inputs/win-event-log-collections/{name} Manage specific event log. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/win-perfmon Manage Windows perfmon. Inputs X X
data/inputs/win-perfmon/{name} Manage Windows perfmon config stanza. Inputs X X X
data/inputs/win-wmi-collections Access configured WMI collections. Inputs X X
data/inputs/win-wmi-collections/{name} Manage specific WMI collection. Inputs X X X
data/lookup-table-files Access lookup table files. Knowledge X X
data/lookup-table-files/{name} Manage specific lookup table file. Knowledge X X X
data/modular-inputs Access defined modular inputs. Inputs X
data/modular-inputs/{name} Manage specific modular input. Inputs X
data/outputs/tcp/default Access global TCP output properties. Outputs X X
data/outputs/tcp/default/{name} Manage TCP output property setting. Outputs X X X
data/outputs/tcp/group Manage data forwarding group config. Outputs X X
data/outputs/tcp/group/{name} Manage specific data forwarding group. Outputs X X X
data/outputs/tcp/server Access data forwarding configurations. Outputs X X
data/outputs/tcp/server/{name} Manage specific forwarder configuration. Outputs X X X
data/outputs/tcp/server/{name}/allconnections Access forwarder connections. Outputs X
data/outputs/tcp/syslog Access forwarded server configured to provide data in standard syslog format. Outputs X X
data/outputs/tcp/syslog/{name} Manage specific forwarder, which sends data in syslog format. Outputs X X X
data/props/calcfields Access props.conf file calculated fields. Knowledge X X
data/props/calcfields/{name} Manage specific props.conf file calculated field. Knowledge X X X
data/props/extractions Access props.conf file search-time field extractions. Knowledge X X
data/props/extractions/{name} Manage specific props.conf file field extraction. Knowledge X X X
data/props/fieldaliases Access props.conf file field aliases. Knowledge X X
data/props/fieldaliases/{name} Manage props.conf file field alias. Knowledge X X X
data/props/lookups Access props.conf file lookups. Knowledge X X
data/props/lookups/{name} Manage specific props.conf file automatic lookup. Knowledge X X X
data/props/sourcetype-rename Access renamed sourcetypes configured in props.conf file. Knowledge X X
data/props/sourcetype-rename/{name} Manage specific props.conf file sourcetype name. Knowledge X X X
data/transforms/extractions Access field extraction definitions. Knowledge X X
data/transforms/extractions/{name} Manage specific field extraction definition . Knowledge X X X
data/transforms/lookups Access transforms.conf file lookup definitions. Knowledge X X
data/transforms/lookups/{name} Manage specific transforms.conf file lookup definition. Knowledge X X X
datamodel/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
datamodel/model Manage information about data models. Knowledge X X
datamodel/model/{name} Manage information about a data model. Knowledge X X X
datamodel/acceleration [Deprecated] Access information about data models that have acceleration enabled. Knowledge X
datamodel/acceleration/{name} [Deprecated] Access information about specific data model that has acceleration enabled. Knowledge X
datamodel/pivot Access pivots for named data models. Knowledge X
deployment/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
deployment/client Access deployment client information . Deployment X
deployment/client/config Access deployment client configuration. Deployment X
deployment/client/config/listIsDisabled Access deployment client state. Deployment X
deployment/client/config/reload Access deployment client reload info. Deployment X
deployment/client/{name}/reload Manage specific deployment client reload. Deployment X
deployment/server/applications Access deployment server application and class information. Deployment X
deployment/server/applications/{name} Manage specific server client application and class information. Deployment X X
deployment/server/clients Access deployment server client info. Deployment X
deployment/server/clients/countClients_by_machineType Access deployment server client information by machine type. Deployment X
deployment/server/clients/countRecentDownloads Access client download information. Deployment X
deployment/server/clients/{name} Manage specific client. Deployment X X
deployment/server/config Access deployment server configuration. Deployment X
deployment/server/config/attributesUnsupportedInUI Access deployment server attributes not available using Splunk Web. Deployment X
deployment/server/config/listIsDisabled Access deployment server state. Deployment X
deployment/server/serverclasses Access server class information. Deployment X X
deployment/server/serverclasses/{name} Manage specific server class of deployment server. Deployment X X X
deployment/server/serverclasses/rename Manage server class name. Deployment X
directory/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
directory Access user-configurable entities. Knowledge X
directory/{name} Access directory service entity. Knowledge X
indexing/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
indexing/preview Preview events from a file before indexing. Inputs X X
indexing/preview/{job_id} Access props.conf file settings for specific data preview job. Inputs X
licenser/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
licenser/groups Access licenser groups configuration. Licensing X
licenser/groups/{name} Manage a licenser group configuration. Licensing X X
licenser/licenses Access licenses. Licensing X X
licenser/licenses/{name} Manage specific license. Licensing X X
licenser/messages Access licenser messages. Licensing X
licenser/messages/{name} Access specific licenser message. Licensing X
licenser/pools Access licenser pool information. Licensing X X
licenser/pools/{name} Manage specific licenser pool. Licensing X X X
licenser/slaves Access license master slaves. Licensing X
licenser/slaves/{name} Access specific license master slave. Licensing X
licenser/stacks Access license stack configuration. Licensing X
licenser/stacks/{name} Access specific license stack configuration. Licensing X
messages/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
messages Manage system messages. System X X
messages/{name} Manage specific system message. System X X
properties/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
properties Access configuration files. Configuration X X
properties/{file_name} Manage a configuration file. Configuration X X
properties/{file_name}/{stanza_name} Manage a configuration file stanza. Configuration X X
properties/{file_name}/{stanza_name}/{key_name} Manage specific stanza in specific configuration file. Configuration X X
receivers/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
receivers/simple Use HTTP to send events. Inputs X
receivers/stream Use socket to stream events. Inputs X
saved/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
saved/eventtypes Manage saved event types. Knowledge X X
saved/eventtypes/{name} Manage specific saved event type. Knowledge X X X
saved/searches Manage saved searches configuration. Search X X
saved/searches/{name} Manage specific saved search. Search X X X
saved/searches/{name}/acknowledge Manage saved search alerting. Search X
saved/searches/{name}/dispatch Dispatch saved search. Search X
saved/searches/{name}/history Access saved search job history. Search X
saved/searches/{name}/reschedule Manage saved search job scheduling. Search X
saved/searches/{name}/scheduled_times Access saved search scheduled times. Search X
saved/searches/{name}/suppress Access saved search alerting state. Search X
scheduled/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
scheduled/views Access scheduled views for PDF delivery. Search X
scheduled/views/{name} Manage specific scheduled view. Search X X X
scheduled/views/{name}/dispatch Dispatch search for specific scheduled view. Search X
scheduled/views/{name}/history Access specific scheduled view job history. Search X
scheduled/views/{name}/reschedule Manage scheduled view scheduling. Search X
scheduled/views/{name}/scheduled_times Access specific scheduled view times. Search X
search/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
search/distributed/bundle-replication-files Access distributed search bundle replication files. Deployment X
search/distributed/bundle-replication-files/{name} Access a search bundle replication file. Deployment X
search/distributed/config Access distributed search options. Deployment X
search/distributed/peers Manage distributed server peers. Deployment X X
search/fields Access search field configuration. Knowledge X
search/fields/{field_name} Access specific search field configuration. Knowledge X
search/fields/{field_name}/tags Manage tags associated with a search field. Knowledge X X
search/jobs Manage search jobs. Search X X
search/jobs/{search_id} Manage specific search job. Search X X X
search/jobs/{search_id}/control Execute search job control command. Search X
search/jobs/{search_id}/events Access events for specific search. Search X
search/jobs/{search_id}/results Access results of specific search. Search X
search/jobs/{search_id}/results_preview Access preview results for specific search. Search X
search/jobs/{search_id}/search.log Access search.log file for a search. Search X
search/jobs/{search_id}/summary Access getFieldsAndStats output of so-far-read events. Search X
search/jobs/{search_id}/timeline Access event distribution over time. Search X
search/jobs/export Stream search results. Search X
search/parser Access search language parsing services. Search X
search/tags Access search time tags. Knowledge X
search/tags/{tag_name} Manage specific search time tag. Knowledge X X X
search/timeparser Parse time argument. Search X
search/typeahead Suggest search auto-completion strings. Search X
server/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
server/control Access server controls. System X
server/control/restart Restart Splunk Enterprise server. System X
server/info Access server configuration. System X
server/logger Access logging categories. System X
server/logger/{name} Manage specific logging category. System X X
server/roles Access server role information. System X
server/settings Access server configuration. System X
server/status Access system status information. System X
server/status/dispatch-artifacts Access search job information. System X
server/status/fishbucket Access information about BTree database. System X
server/status/limits/search-concurrency Access search concurrency metrics. System X
server/status/partitions-space Access disk utilization information. System X
server/status/resource-usage Access resource utilization information. System X
server/status/resource-usage/hostwide Access host-level resource utilization info. System X
server/status/resource-usage/splunk-processes Access O/S resource utilization information. System X
storage/ URI Summary Class GET POST DELETE
storage/passwords Manage authentication credentials. Access control X X
storage/passwords/{name} Manage authentication credential. Access control X X X
Last modified on 09 December, 2016
Access control

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.4, 6.1.5, 6.1.6, 6.1.7, 6.1.8, 6.1.9, 6.1.10, 6.1.11, 6.1.12, 6.1.13, 6.1.14

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