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Splunk Enterprise version 6.x is no longer supported as of October 23, 2019. See the Splunk Software Support Policy for details. For information about upgrading to a supported version, see How to upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
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Splunk Enterprise 6.1.5 was released on November 11, 2014.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

Data input issues

Defect Description
SPL-90239 For Splunk to Splunk communications, API is unable to send data to 6.1.x.
SPL-80869 Modify datetime.xml's rules to better recognize am/pm.
SPL-91369 SPL-79421 WinEventLog Modular inputs do not respect the _meta and _TCP_ROUTING params specified in inputs.conf.

Data model and Pivot issues

Defect Description
SPL-86341 Splunkd crashes when retrieving data model with objects that do not exist.

Distributed deployment, forwarder, and deployment server issues issues

Defect Description
SPL-90530 Forwarder Management Splunk Web editing issue: When renaming a server class, Splunk Web may direct you to the wrong server class.
SPL-90871 Distributed peer setup processes crash when Splunk attempts to join threads multiple times.
SPL-92175 Universal Forwarders receive ACKs out of order.

Integrated PDF generation and PDF Report Server issues

Defect Description
SPL-91713 PDF export of a dashboard does not show results if there is an event type that is private to an app.

REST issues

Defect Description
SPL-86606 The /services/data/indexes endpoint outputs a blank value for the tsidxstatshomepath attribute.
SPL-90712 Drill down in JSON object adds the object to the search without a root element, producing no search results.
SPL-91487 There is an arbitrary File Read via XML External Entity in the 'pdfgen/render’ Endpoint.
SPL-89534 Scripted input created via REST on a universal forwarder does not honor disabled=true setting.

Search, saved search, alerting, scheduling, and job management issues issues

Defect Description
SPL-85516 Splunk Web presents incorrect list of field alias entries.
SPL-86763 The return search command does not support field names that contain period characters.
SPL-90811 When Splunk calls a scripted alert and the alert fails, the error that the script cannot run is not logged.
SPL-91115 In search, user may lose extracted fields on second and subsequent searches.
SPL-91537 Search process consumes all memory on indexer.
SPL-92144 A dashboard with many post-process panels can result in a unresponsive script warning for common.min.js. Workaround is to navigate to url for about:config in Firefox and adjust dom.max_script_max_runtime setting to at least 10. Check the Don't ask again option then click Continue.

Splunk Web issues

Defect Description
SPL-85516 Splunk Web presents incorrect list of field alias entries.
SPL-90715 While drilling down in a JSON object using Internet Explorer, the object disappears behind the checkbox panel.

Unsorted issues

Defect Description
SPL-85705 Setting cipherSuite to ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 for most of ciphers fails to establish session.
SPL-86410 Field Alias Manager view does not list correct scoped aliased values.
SPL-87211 Splunkd crashes during json import.
SPL-87651 SPL-87144 Permission denied for read access() on certain log files even though the chmod permissions flags allow read access.
SPL-89052 Splunk Enterprise on AIX fails to start as nonroot when it is installed in inittab.
SPL-89510 SPL-91796 Memory leak with HttpClientConnection.
SPL-90181 Streamstats may return incorrect results when rex is null.
SPL-90427 Splunk instance may crash while reading introspection/resource_usage.log.1.
SPL-90764 splunkd may crash due to user mismatch in certain files, the boot start script fails to drop to correct user before creating certain files.
SPL-91208 splunk rebuild command gives irrelevant errors about /etc.
SPL-91587 Patch Python to address non-product affecting security issue CVE-2014-1912.
SPL-91950 SPL-92061 Allow SSL related protocols to be chosen.
SPL-90950 SPL-92167 SPL-92174 BatchReader re-reading files that have already been indexed and rolled.

Upgrade issues

Defect Description
SPL-85634 The splunkd service's main thread crashes systematically on start-up after an upgrade from 6.0.3 to 6.1.1.
SPL-89959 Upgrade issue: advanced xml dashboards may fail to find a saved search because '&' character is not properly escaped in JSON.
SPL-90800 After upgrade from 5.0.5 to 6.1.1, email alerts for multi-line events are missing a line break.

Windows issues

Defect Description
SPL-37807 When specifying a monitor input with a wildcard at the root level in Windows, Splunk logs an error and fails to index the desired files.
SPL-90782 SPL-90874 Deployment server setup leads to Crash in Windows.
SPL-88350 On Windows platforms, stats results reset after 4.4 billion (2^32 billion) events match.
SPL-91369 WinEventLog Modular inputs do not respect the _meta and _TCP_ROUTING params specified in inputs.conf.
Last modified on 14 January, 2015

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.1.5, 6.1.6, 6.1.7, 6.1.8, 6.1.9, 6.1.10, 6.1.11, 6.1.12, 6.1.13, 6.1.14

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