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Splunk Enterprise version 6.x is no longer supported as of October 23, 2019. See the Splunk Software Support Policy for details. For information about upgrading to a supported version, see How to upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
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Splunk Enterprise 6.1.7 was released on March 23, 2015.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

Security issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-95204 Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1k. (Clone: SPL-95202)

Data input issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-96124 Update script documentation for trigger option in fill_summary_index.py script. (Clone: SPL-91068)

Charting, reporting, and visualization issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-84494 Accelerated reports are not recognized as same summary ID when there are more than 2 line breaks in the search query. (Clone: SPL-95093, SPL-95091)
3-23-15 SPL-87068 Summary Status in Report Acceleration Summaries page does not update from Pending. (Clone: SPL-97256, SPL-97255)
3-23-15 SPL-91723 Map graph is empty when using lower boundary limits for binspanlat and binspanlong in the geostats map command. (clone: SPL-97412, SPL-97427)
3-23-15 SPL-94314 No results appear in pie chart drilldown when charting.chart.showPercent set to true in SimpleXML. (Clone: SPL-95772, SPL-95778 )

Data model and Pivot issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-91856 Datamodel Acceleration with Macro causes errors in Pivot. (clone: SPL-95127)
3-23-15 SPL-95099 When user clicks the acceleration information update link, feedback is not provided. (SPL-97524, SPL-97523)

Integrated PDF generation and PDF Report Server issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-80872 Improve messaging when rendering PDF report of A5 size if the table is too big. (Clone: SPL-95526, SPL-95528)

Search, saved search, alerting, scheduling, and job management issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-97645 SummarizationDirector exceptions during search in Splunkd process causes crashes. (clones: SPL-92820)
3-23-15 SPL-92223 Mako template fails to render error when splunk is restarted. (Clone: SPL-95557, SPL-95560)
3-23-15 SPL-93331 Triggered Alerts retained only 7 days upon restart. (clone: SPL-94296)
3-23-15 SPL-96721 Token replacement does not occur in email alerts when raw data contains a binary character. (Clone: SPL-97299, SPL-97298)
3-23-15 SPL-83266 Memory corruption causes search peer crash in BucketSummaryActorThread.
3-23-15 SPL-96657 Splunk search spends excessive time in dispatch.createProviderQueue when search includes splunk_server specification vs searching all peers. (SPL-94054)
3-23-15 SPL-96604 spath processor, due to malformed XML input. (Clone: SPL-95428)
3-23-15 SPL-92827 SearchParser returns error when using savedsearch to call macro which spans multiple lines. (Clone: SPL-97020, SPL-97021)
3-23-15 SPL-91277 Splunk search returns no results when combining NOT operator with "date_hour < 24 AND date_hour >0"". (Clone: SPL-96623, SPL-96622)
3-23-15 SPL-85091 stats count by eventtype(or tag)" to return no results. (Clone: SPL-97310, SPL-97309)
3-23-15 SPL-87805 When system-wide search limits are reached, realtime searches are skipped with no user notification. (Clone: SPL-96865, SPL-96867)
3-23-15 SPL-93523 "Calculated" field should not expand when preceded immediately by a NOT Operator or inside a NOT Expression. (Clone: SPL-97420, SPL-97419)
3-23-15 SPL-95086 Netapp Dashboard run too long to show graphs, consuming lot of memory. (Clone: SPL-97372, SPL-98237)
3-23-15 SPL-93526 loadjob on savedsearch with no results shows error instead of "no results" message. (Code: SPL-96334, SPL-96335)
3-23-15 SPL-93240 Incorrent tokenization occurs in a combination of map and sendemail commands when the field has a space. (Clone: SPL-97590, SPL-97589)

Splunk Web and Home interface issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-91706 Exported csv is incomplete when field value has double-byte white space at the end. (SPL-97156, SPL-97154)
3-23-15 SPL-94969 Simple XML Dashboard changing report's permission operation from edit panel mode changes the chart type. (clones: SPL-95196, SPL-95194)
3-23-15 SPL-94542 In multi-series mode, dashboard panels may not show data. (clone: SPL-92071)

Clustering issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-92325 Time value overflows and is truncated due to incorrect data type usage in Bucket Replication, causing Splunkd crash. (Clone: SPL-96659)

Windows-specific issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-94156 Windows Heavy forwarder crashes in EventLoop::checkWaitSet when WSAEFAULT error is returned by the OS during Network read operations. (Clone: SPL-95995, SPL-95996)
3-23-15 SPL-96831 WinEventLogChannel should report system error when failed to subscribe to a channel. (Clone: SPL-96852, SPL-96853

REST, Simple XML, and Advanced XML issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-95193 Search bar in 6.1.4 does not expand (clone: SPL-96085, SPL-96084

Unsorted issues

Publication date Defect Description
3-23-15 SPL-97090 Search filter does not work properly when a user has a role with search restriction and inherits another role which also has search restrictions. (clone: SPL-94973).
3-23-15 SPL-94299 Deploying an app with incorrect index settings crashes Splunkd deployment client. (Clone: SPL-94507, SPL-95581)
3-23-15 SPL-85092 Splunk on AIX fails to start as nonroot when it is installed in inittab. (Clone: SPL-94975, SPL-92963)
3-23-15 SPL-95199 Wrong event details are shown when a row is expanded in dashboard's eventsviewer. (Clone: SPL-94939)
3-23-15 SPL-81881 Messages indicative of search queueing / dispatch denial due to concurrency limits need to be promoted as user-facing in dashboards.
3-23-15 SPL-95847 Splunk Single SignOn timeout presents a misleading message to the end user - "Reconnecting to Splunk server". (Clone: SPL-96067, SPL-96066, SPL-96068)

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.1.7, 6.1.8, 6.1.9, 6.1.10, 6.1.11, 6.1.12, 6.1.13, 6.1.14

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