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Resolved issues

Splunk Enterprise 6.2.3 was released on April 30, 2015.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

Security issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-95798 Secure flag inconsistently set for session cookies when appServerPorts!=0
2015-5-1 SPL-98351 Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL prior to 1.0.1m (Clones: SPL-98356, SPL-98352)
2015-5-1 SPL-95270 Secure flag not set for cval, uid, csrf cookies on the login page when running Splunk in legacy mode (appServerPorts=0).
2015-5-1 SPL-95594 Cross-site scripting in Search. (Clone: SPL-97822)
2015-5-1 SPL-96280 Disable SSLv3 in KV Store Replication.
2015-5-1 SPL-93516 Cross-site scripting in management and configuration.

Highlighted issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-03-17 SPL-96265 Orphan KVStore process stops Splunk from restarting.
2015-04-23 SPL-100103 KV store collections are purged when owning app is disabled
2015-5-1 SPL-94017 mongod creates up to 65k files in /dev/shm/, using up to 500MB of space

Data input issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-98155 Duplicate events when monitoring gzip files on NFS server with Clock skew Clone: SPL-96292
2015-5-1 SPL-97132 archivereader thread crashes when reading csv.gz files.

Charting, reporting, and visualization issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-97255 Summary Status in Report Acceleration Summaries page does not update from Pending (Clone: SPL-87068)
2015-5-1 SPL-97427 Map graph is empty when using lower boundary limits for binspanlat and binspanlong in the geostats map command. (Clone: SPL-91723)
2015-5-1 SPL-95571 Home menus disappear once a home dashboard is refreshed.

Indexers and indexer clustering issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-93244 ERROR message in Tailing Processor: "Bug: tried to check/configure STData processing but have no pending metadata".
2015-5-1 SPL-97654 Internal Splunkd Log message displays in SplunkWeb when Splunk fails to discard Search artifacts on peer.
2015-5-1 SPL-98007 Clicking "remove" button in the cluster management excess buckets page deletes all standalone buckets.

Data model and Pivot issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-97524 When a user clicks the update link within acceleration information we should provide user feedback once the data is updated. (Clones SPL-95099)
2015-5-1 SPL-95808 Data Models page does not display acceleration information when the datamodel name is a substring of app name.

Search, saved search, alerting, scheduling, and job management issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-97264 404 error message when editing the email action of a ES app correlation search via Manager (Settings >> searches, Reports and Alerts).
2015-5-1 SPL-97298 Token replacement fails in email alerts when raw data contains binary character. (Clones SPL-96721)
2015-5-1 SPL-94296 Triggered Alerts only kept 7 days upon restart regardless of user configurations. (clone: SPL-93331)
2015-5-1 SPL-96790 Search results table fails to display field named latest_time or earliest_time correctly.
2015-5-1 SPL-97661 PCRE Heap Overflow issues for PCRE versions less than 8.36
2015-5-1 SPL-97079 Excessive time is spent in dispatch.createProviderQueue when search includes splunk_server specification as opposed to searching all peers. (Clone: SPL-94054)
2015-5-1 SPL-98807 Searches block on search head because of splunkd timeout on /receivers/bundle REST endpoint when replicating bundle to slow peer. (Clone: SPL-98547)
2015-5-1 SPL-95428 spath processor, due to malformed XML input.
2015-5-1 SPL-97601 Bundle Replication: Skewed modtimes on temporary bundle files cause premature reaping and errors in distributed search.
2015-5-1 SPL-96622 search does not work with combination of NOT and "date_hour < 24 AND date_hour >0"".
2015-5-1 SPL-96849 Search "index=_* AND index!=main" returns no results.
2015-5-1 SPL-97020 SearchParser returns error when using savedsearch to call macro with line feed. Clone: SPL-92827
2015-5-1 SPL-96865 When system-wide search limits are reached, realtime searches are skipped with no user notification. (Clone: SPL-87805)
2015-5-1 SPL-97309 stats count by eventtype(or tag)" to return no results. (Clone: SPL-85091)
2015-5-1 SPL-97372 Netapp Dashboard takes too long to generate graphs, consumes a lot of memory. (Clone: SPL-95086)
2015-5-1 SPL-97419 "Calculated" field should not expand when preceded immediately by a NOT Operator or inside a NOT Expression. (Clone: SPL-93523)
2015-5-1 SPL-96334 loadjob on savedsearch with no results shows error instead of "no results" message. (Clone: SPL-93526)

Splunk Web and Home interface issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-97154 Incomplete exported csv when field value has double-byte white space at the end. (Clone: SPL-91706)
2015-5-1 SPL-95194 Simple XML Dashboard - report's permission operation from edit panel mode causes change in chart type. (Clone: SPL-94969)
2015-5-1 SPL-95560 Mako template fails to render error when splunk is restarted. (Clone: SPL-92223)
2015-5-1 SPL-95603 Autofill of user credentials causes login failure on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
2015-5-1 SPL-97589 In a combination of map and sendemail, when a field has a space the substring after the space is not recognized. (Clone: SPL-93240)
2015-5-1 SPL-98540 "Explore Data" link in settings tab returns a 404 page.
2015-5-1 SPL-92298 Workflow action event menu does not encode _raw field when used in link.uri.
2015-5-1 SPL-93746 Workflow Actions field menu does not URI encode special tokens when used in link.uri.
2015-5-1 SPL-96057 Workflow action does not honor $!token$ and will always encode the link.uri
2015-5-1 SPL-96068 SSO timeout presents a misleading message to the end user - "Reconnecting to Splunk server"
2015-5-1 SPL-96243 When typing a password spaces are deleted. (Clone: SPL-95847)

Distributed deployment, forwarder issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-92713 The "Edit Instance Info" and "Edit Server Roles" pop-ups in the Management Console setup do not show the selected instance's serverName (clone: SPL-92712)

Deployment Server issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-96407 If user deletes items out of order and seta whitelist to * , the Edit Clients option fails in the Deployment Server.
2015-5-1 SPL-98561 If you reload the deployment server with an out-of-sequence whitelist and blacklist, TcpChannelThread crashes.
2015-5-1 SPL-84687 If you add multiple entries to whitelist in non-consecutive order, deployment server cannot find whitelist.

Distributed search and search head clustering issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-95885 Search head cluster member crashes with SEGFAULT intermittently when alerts are run too fast
2015-5-1 SPL-99022 [DSPROXY] Prevent clobbering of default lookup table files when issuing "splunk apply shcluster-bundle". (Clone: SPL-84485)
2015-5-1 SPL-96866 Search Head Clustering - Crash in DispatchReaper thread during heavy scheduler activity. (Clone: SPL-95746)
2015-5-1 SPL-99027 Time To Live (TTL) is set to 0 (expired) for jobs executed by cluster member in saved/searches/<searchname>/history REST endpoint. (Clone: SPL-98740)

Windows-specific issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-95834 [Deployment Server] reload deploy-server breaks when %HOMESHARE% declared and %HOMEPATH% starts with '\'
2015-5-1 SPL-96835 On the Edit Clients page in forwarder management, the values inside the text area disappear when clicked upon.
2015-5-1 SPL-95121 Splunk 6.2 installer fails if msi database on the machine is partially corrupted
2015-5-1 SPL-96431 The login form does not appear when user that is not already logged in accesses the bookmarked login link.
2015-5-1 SPL-95995 Windows Heavy forwarder crash in EventLoop::checkWaitSet when WSAEFAULT error is returned by the OS during Network read operations. (Clone: SPL-94156)
2015-5-1 SPL-97735 During Indexing Splunk shows impossibly large number of Windows events.
2015-5-1 SPL-95638 Universal Forwarder 6.2.0 does not enable Windows event logs by default.
2015-5-1 SPL-95004 Large delays in Windows Event Logs due to low network thruput caused by ~250ms pause after tcp sends 6-7 packets.
2015-5-1 SPL-96852 WinEventLogChannel should report system error when failed to subscribe to a channel. (Clone: SPL-96831)

REST, Simple XML, and Advanced XML issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-93954 Iframe module does not display scrollbars when Iframe height is fixed pixels.
2015-5-1 SPL-95778 No results in pie chart drilldown when "charting.chart.showPercent" set to true in SimpleXML. (clone: SPL-94314)

Web Framework issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-96165 Indexers crashed repeatedly in tcp channel with assertion failure assert(!_data.hasWriteData()). (Clone: SPL-95193)

Unsorted issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-5-1 SPL-85036 roleMap attributes are removed in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/authentication.conf when user reloads auth (splunk reload auth) or restarts Splunk.
2015-5-1 SPL-97089 Search filter does not work properly when a user has a role with search restriction and inherits another role which also has search restrictions.
2015-5-1 SPL-97644 SummarizationDirector exceptions during search in Splunkd process causes crashes. (clone: SPL-92820)
2015-5-1 SPL-94066 Unable to save summary searches when a summary index is created in search peer. (Clone: SPL-91999)
2015-5-1 SPL-95840 Improve logging - Unclear "StringPool - SuppressionKey" warnings at search head restart. (Clone: SPL-95574)
2015-5-1 SPL-96262 splunkd.log contains unhelpful warning message "HTTPAuthManager - Nonce collision -- nonce: a5d6a32a95097797e195751accc2d428, peer: xxxx". (Clone: SPL-89162)
2015-5-1 SPL-94977 Host and servername in conf files not populated after removal using clone-prep-clear-config command.
2015-5-1 SPL-97752 Scripted input with high interval does not start on ubuntu. (Clone: SPL-84358)
2015-5-1 SPL-92617 splunkd instrument-resource-usage mis-identifies remote scheduled searches as historical searches. (Clone: SPL-91273)
2015-5-1 SPL-93569 Introspection resource_usage.log missing data.search_props fields. (Clone: SPL-97775)
2015-5-1 SPL-97684 tstats in subsearches returns no results in search head clustering environment due to incorrect datamodel summary path.

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.2.3, 6.2.4, 6.2.5, 6.2.6, 6.2.7, 6.2.8, 6.2.9, 6.2.10, 6.2.11, 6.2.12, 6.2.13, 6.2.14, 6.2.15

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