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Splunk Enterprise 6.2.7 was released on November 19, 2015.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

Security issues

For a list of security issues, please see the Security Advisory. A list of all recent advisories can be found in the Security Portal.

Data input issues

Publication date Defect number 'Description
2015-11-18 SPL-102892 Unable to edit/delete/disable forwarded inputs when file path contains spaces
2015-11-18 SPL-97120 Incorrect parent name reported for a given file in the tailing processor file status endpoint. (Clone: SPL-93979)

Indexers and indexer clustering issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-105946 Splunk cannot handle a time format that only includes day, hour, minute, second

Data model and Pivot issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-103836 Datamodel acceleration status needs to show the correct percentage when backfill parameter is configured.

Integrated PDF generation and PDF Report Server issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-107168 reportPaper configurations in alert_actions conf taking effect only in global context due to pdfgen not generating context(app & owner) specific end point while reading the conf file.
2015011018 SPL-105388 Unable to render PDF for a table that has sparklines with empty values
2015-11-18 SPL-104645 The exported pdf returns results even if the dashboard's panel is empty

Search, saved search, alerting, scheduling, and job management issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-108243 Slow search performance attributed to frequent re-indexing of frequent delta replication of knowledge bundle because of change in lookup table modtime.
2015-11-18 SPL-101452 Timechart search only return columns for OTHER and/or NULL when the index data sets is large and when the split-by field has large distinct values
2015-11-18 SPL-107423 Incomplete event detail is rendered on clicking "show all lines" link for a realtime search.
2015-11-18 SPL-106212 Unable to send CSV files through email from Splunk for some transfer protocols.
2015-11-18 SPL-105639 WHERE clause of timechart changes last Column header to "OTHER", even if top and bottom criteria is not present
2015-11-18 SPL-104988 For the real-time dashboard, the panel is not updated when there is no matching search result.
2015-11-18 SPL-104536 Cannot determine the latest/earliest value of the string field in pivot editor.
2015-11-18 SPL-104263 For event types with spaces, tags are lost when moved to global.
2015-11-18 SPL-102937 "is_scheduled" parameter does not work when adding saved-search with CLI.

Splunk Web and Home interface issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-107533 Stats outputs multiple columns for the same field when renaming several different calculations to that field name (Clone: SPL-72052).
2015-11-18 SPL-107180 ../bundles/common.js freezes page during search, becomes unresponsive.
2015-11-18 SPL-104482 "Build Event Type" fails in splunkweb when truncating indexed Russian event strings.

Distributed deployment, forwarder, and deployment server issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-105533 The number of deployed client does not count up on the apps tab on forwarder management page.

Distributed search and search head clustering issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-107610 Dispatch Space filled up with old artifacts after 6.2.6 upgrade.
2015-11-18 SPL-104391 Issue loading embedded reports on replicated Search heads.

Windows-specific issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-107322 Splunk indexer cannot start - Crashing thread: SplunkdSpecificInitThread because of corrupted bucket.
2015-11-18 SPL-104915 Windows events forwarded as syslog data display hostname before timestamp
2015-11-18 SPL-104595 perfmon counters at the end of input have an extra tab character at the end of their indexed value.
2015-11-18 SPL-103145 Splunk-MonitorNoHandle.exe uses all available RAM.

REST, Simple XML, and Advanced XML issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-11-18 SPL-108083 Dropdown form input fail to render with values when token is used.
2014-10-28 SPL-91211 Cascading form inputs that uses an unset condition on a form input causes a continuous loop for the form input values.
2015-11-18 SPL-105705 Dropdown search filter does not show up even if the AllowCustomValues is set to true.
2015-11-18 SPL-105425 Misconfigured view warning messages in web_service.log for some views.
2015-11-18 SPL-103621 Page gets stuck with loading message in DB connect v2 app when root_endpoint value starts with splunkd.

Unsorted issues

Publication date Defect number Description
2015-12-10 SPL-105660 Include support for TLS 1.2 by default in server.conf and web.conf.
2015-11-18 SPL-105391 KV Store not working on all Search Heads- Fail with error [rsStart] replSet can't get local.system.replset config from self or any seed (EMPTYCONFIG).
2015-11-18 SPL-102526 Splunkd fails to load due to symbol gzdirect not exported from libz on AIX.
2015-11-18 SPL-96466 UI behavior has changed for SSO authentication login failure.

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.2.7, 6.2.8, 6.2.9, 6.2.10, 6.2.11, 6.2.12, 6.2.13, 6.2.14, 6.2.15

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