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Splunk Enterprise version 6.x is no longer supported as of October 23, 2019. See the Splunk Software Support Policy for details. For information about upgrading to a supported version, see How to upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
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Splunk Enterprise 6.4.2 was released on July 11, 2016.

The following issues have been resolved in this release. For information about security fixes not related to authentication or authorization, refer to the Splunk Security Portal.

Issues are listed in all relevant sections. Some issues appear more than once.

Data input issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-09 SPL-118726, SPL-122364 editing a sinkhole input in the Splunk UI creates a competing monitor input
2016-06-02 SPL-119676, SPL-119888 SQLitePersistentStorageImpl error leads splunk to crash when started

Search issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-10 SPL-121967, SPL-105581 (Galaxy) - Search with an eval or calculated field which calls the tostring(..., "duration") function fails with: "Invalid number"
2016-06-09 SPL-121960, SPL-119873 (galaxy) - AdminManager WARNs no capability checks performed in splunkd.log when /apps/local/<APP>/package is accessed

Distributed search and search head clustering issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-27 SPL-123479, SPL-123305 loadjob not working - statusCode=403, Forbidden

Universal forwarder issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-07 SPL-121336, SPL-120176 UF crashes in populate_VolumesIdata when constructing IndexerService object
2016-06-03 SPL-119172, SPL-122917, SPL-122918 ERROR AuditTrailManager - Private key error Error opening private.pem: The system cannot find the path specified.

Rest, Simple XML, and Advanced XML issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-07 SPL-121933, SPL-115252 (galaxy) - Unescaped invalid UTF-8 codepoints cause JavaSDK exception

Admin and CLI issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-07 SPL-121665, SPL-122183 splunk clone-prep-clear-config command removes configurations that reside in etc/system/local upon restart

Unsorted issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-05-15 SPL-119761, SPL-115437 Splunk upgrade migration script doesn't obey server.conf SSL configuration

Uncategorized issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-06-23 SPL-118856, SPL-115970 Number of values returned to a sparkline for a 7-day range search does not have enough granularity
2016-06-08 SPL-122185, SPL-106900 Audit trail spams splunkd.log with errors: "Failed to save seq_no=7885 for host="host::MLTPSAPV224" to disk!"
2016-06-07 SPL-121693, SPL-122153, SPL-122154 CSV Streaming Parser crashing for quoted empty strings followed by a space and Windows newline.
Last modified on 14 April, 2020

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 6.4.2, 6.4.3, 6.4.4, 6.4.5, 6.4.6, 6.4.7, 6.4.8, 6.4.9, 6.4.10, 6.4.11

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