Stream Processor Service (EOL)

The Stream Processor Service is a data stream processing solution that collects high-velocity, high-volume data in real-time, processes that data, and delivers that data to one or more destinations of your choice.

Release Notes
Includes information about new features.

Set up the Stream Processor Service
How to set up the Stream Processor Service.

Stream Processor Service Templates and Examples
If you are new to Stream Processor Service, start here. Guides you through creating, configuring, and sending data to a pipeline.

Connect to Data Sources and Destinations with the Stream Processor Service
Learn how to use an external service as the data source or data destination for your pipeline.

Stream Processor Service User Manual
Learn about Stream Processor features, concepts, and tasks.

Function Reference
Reference of the functions that you can use in a pipeline with descriptions and examples.

Stream Processor Service Description
Outlines the benefits and service limits of the Stream Processor Service.