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Release Notes

Known issues in Splunk UBA

This version of Splunk UBA has the following known issues and workarounds.

If no issues are listed, none have been reported.

Date filed Issue number Description
2024-04-30 UBA-18862 Error Encountered When Cloning Splunk Datasource and Selecting Source Types

Re-enter the password on the Connection page for the Splunk endpoint.
2024-04-26 UBA-18851 Benign Error Message on Caspida start - Ncat: Connection Refused
2024-04-25 UBA-18846, UBA-18920 Inconsistent telemetry status when UBA is in FIPS mode
2024-04-03 UBA-18721 UBA identifies end user/service account are accessing hard disk volumes instead of built-in computer account

Disable the augmented_access rule.

Steps to disable rule:

- remove (or move to some other location outside of UBA as a backup) the file /etc/caspida/conf/rules/user/ad/augmented_access.rule

- restart uba (/opt/caspida/bin/Caspida stop & /opt/caspida/bin/Caspida start)

2022-12-22 UBA-16722 Error in upgrade log, /bin/bash: which: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file
2022-06-22 UBA-15882 Benign Spark error message: Could not find CoarseGrainedScheduler in spark-local.log when upgrading UBA
2022-02-14 UBA-15364 Spark HistoryServer running out of memory for large deployments with error: "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded"

Open the following file to edit on the Spark History Server: /var/vcap/packages/spark/conf/spark-env.sh

You can check deployments.conf field spark.history to find out which node runs the Spark History Server.

Update the following setting to 3G: SPARK_DAEMON_MEMORY=3G

Afterwards, restart the spark services:

/opt/caspida/bin/Caspida stop-spark && /opt/caspida/bin/Caspida start-spark
2021-08-30 UBA-14755 Replication.err logging multiple errors - Cannot delete snapshot s_new from path /user: the snapshot does not exist.
2020-04-07 UBA-13804 Kubernetes certificates expire after one year

Run the following commands on the Splunk UBA master node:
/opt/caspida/bin/Caspida remove-containerization
/opt/caspida/bin/Caspida setup-containerization
/opt/caspida/bin/Caspida stop-all
/opt/caspida/bin/Caspida start-all
2017-04-05 UBA-6341 Audit events show up in the UBA UI with 30 minute delay

Last modified on 10 June, 2024
Welcome to Splunk UBA 5.4.0   Fixed issues in Splunk UBA

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® User Behavior Analytics: 5.4.0

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