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Source types for the Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow

The Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow provides the index-time and search-time knowledge for any database table exposed by ServiceNow REST APIs. When the add-on collects a ServiceNow database table, the add-on assigns a source type for the events, using the schema snow:database_table_name.

The inputs.conf provides the following preconfigured inputs, which are disabled by default. Enable these data inputs in Splunk Web, or manually edit local/inputs.conf by adding disabled=false for each input. For more information, see Configure inputs for the Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow.

Click on the links in the CIM data model column to navigate to the Common information model add-on documentation.

For more information about the ServiceNow database tables, search for "Tables and Classes" in the ServiceNow product documentation.

The search-time source type renaming is for backwards compatibility with data ingested by older versions of the Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow.

Database table name Source Type Search-time renaming CIM data models
change_request snow:change_request None Ticket Management
change_task snow:change_task None Ticket Management
cmdb snow:cmdb None N/A
cmdb_ci_app_server snow:cmdb_ci_app_server None N/A
cmdb_ci_db_instance snow:cmdb_ci_db_instance None N/A
cmdb_ci_infra_service snow:cmdb_ci_infra_service None N/A
cmdb_ci snow:cmdb_ci snow:cmdb_ci_list N/A
cmdb_ci_server snow:cmdb_ci_server None N/A
cmdb_ci_service snow:cmdb_ci_service None N/A
cmdb_ci_vm snow:cmdb_ci_vm None N/A
cmdb_rel_ci snow:cmdb_rel_ci None N/A
cmn_location snow:cmn_location snow:cmn_location_list N/A
em_event snow:em_event None N/A
incident snow:incident None Ticket Management
problem snow:problem None Ticket Management
sys_audit snow:sys_audit None N/A
sys_audit_delete snow:sys_audit_delete None N/A
sys_choice snow:sys_choice snow:sys_choice_list N/A
sys_user_group snow:sys_user_group snow:sys_user_group_list N/A
sys_user snow:sys_user snow:sys_user_list N/A
sysevent snow:sysevent None N/A
syslog_transaction snow:syslog_transaction None N/A

Deprecated tables

The following sourcetype is deprecated:

Deprecated tables Source type
syslog snow:syslog Supported for backwards compatibility only. For best performance, disable data collection from this table and collect from sysevent instead.
Last modified on 30 April, 2024
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