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Introduction to Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring 🔗

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring offers insight into your infrastructure and resources across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Infrastructure Monitoring offers support for a broad range of integrations for collecting all kinds of data, from system metrics for infrastructure components to custom data from your applications.

Infrastructure Monitoring provides a platform for you to perform powerful, capable analytics on your infrastructure:

  • Dashboards provide visualizations that you can use to understand your environment.

  • Detectors provide real-time alerts and notifications that you can use to keep up with key indicators for services, infrastructure, and applications.

Infrastructure Monitoring also provides the following features that help make it easier for you to get started:

  • Integrations and built-in content help you get going quickly.

  • Infrastructure Navigator helps you orient yourself as you navigate through all of the layers in your stack.

For instructions on how to set up Infrastructure Monitoring, see Set up Infrastructure Monitoring.