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Introduction to Splunk Log Observer Connect 🔗

What is Splunk Log Observer Connect? 🔗

Splunk Log Observer Connect is an integration that allows you to query your Splunk Enterprise logs using the capabilities of Splunk Log Observer. With Log Observer Connect, you can troubleshoot your application and infrastructure behavior using high-context logs. Perform codeless queries on your Splunk Enterprise logs to detect the source of problems in your systems, then jump to related content throughout Splunk Observability Cloud in one click.

Region and version availability 🔗

Splunk Log Observer Connect is available in the AWS regions us0, us1, and eu0. Splunk Log Observer Connect is compatible with Splunk Enterprise versions 8.2 and higher.

What can I do with Log Observer Connect? 🔗

The following table lists features available to customers who have integrated Splunk Enterprise with Log Observer, allowing them to use Log Observer Connect. If you have a Log Observer entitlement in Observability Cloud, see Introduction to Splunk Log Observer for a complete list of Log Observer features.

Do this

With this tool

Link to documentation

View your incoming logs grouped by severity over time and zoom in or out to the time period of your choice.


View overall system health using Timeline

Scan logs.

Logs Table

Browse logs in the Logs table

Find out which path in your API has the slowest response time.

Log aggregations

Group logs by fields using log aggregation

Search logs by keyword or field.

Filter bar

Search logs by keywords or fields

Filter your logs to see only logs that contain a field of your choice with the value error.

Logs Table

Filter logs by field

View the JSON of an individual log.

Log Details

View problem details in an individual log

See the metrics, traces, and infrastructure related to a specific log.

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Save and share Log Observer queries.

Saved Queries

Save and share Log Observer queries

Get started with Log Observer Connect 🔗

See Set up Splunk Log Observer Connect to learn how to set up Log Observer Connect and begin querying your Splunk Enterprise logs.