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RUM subscription and usage metrics 🔗


The following information describes aspects of your usage and consumption. For more detailed billing-related queries, contact your Splunk Account Team.

View subscription usage 🔗

There are two types of subscriptions: enterprise and standard. For more information on each type of subscription, see Splunk RUM Pricing .

Splunk RUM offers three metrics you can use to track your subscription usage. You can use these metrics to create charts, dashboards, and set alerts. Usage data is based on a monthly cadence. To see how your usage compares to limits, see System limits for Splunk RUM.

Each metric has two dimensions:

  • app: The application where the data came from.

  • sf_product: The type of product, either web or mobile device that the data came from.



Number of unique sessions processed by RUM.

Number of spans processed by RUM.

Number of bytes processed by RUM.

Dashboard 🔗

To see your subscription usage for troubleshooting purposes, go to Dashboards, Organization metrics, then RUM entitlements.

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