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Dashboard types in Splunk Observability Cloud ๐Ÿ”—

Dashboards are groupings of charts and visualizations of metrics. All dashboards, irrespective of type, belong to a dashboard group. Dashboard groups are displayed on the Dashboards page.

For more information about accessing dashboards and dashboard groups, see View dashboards and dashboard groups.

Splunk Observability Cloud provides three types of dashboards and dashboard groups that you can use to understand your data:

  • Built-in

  • Custom

  • User

All custom and user dashboards and dashboard groups are accessible by all users in your organization.

Built-in dashboards and dashboard groups ๐Ÿ”—

Built-in dashboard groups are provided to give you immediate visibility into the technologies and services being used in your environment. The dashboards in these groups are automatically created for you when you use integrations that send metrics that Splunk Observability Cloud recognizes. Most of the collectd plugins that we support come with built-in dashboard groups, as do many Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform services.

Built-in dashboards are meant to behave like templates. To make use of them in any way beyond simple viewing, for example to add or modify charts, you must first save a copy of the dashboard by opening the Dashboard actions menu and clicking Save as. For more information about built-in dashboards, see Built-in dashboards.

Custom dashboards and dashboard groups ๐Ÿ”—

Custom dashboard groups and custom dashboards are ones that arenโ€™t automatically generated by Splunk Observability Cloud. For example, when you create a new dashboard group, you are creating a custom dashboard group. For more information about creating dashboard groups and dashboards, see Create a dashboard.

Custom dashboards are meant to be used by multiple people and usually represent a curated set of charts that you want to make accessible to a broad cross-section of your organization. They are typically organized by service, team, or environment.

User dashboards and dashboard groups ๐Ÿ”—

Every Splunk Observability Cloud user who has set a password and logged in at least once, gets a user dashboard group and user dashboard. Your user dashboard group is your individual workspace within Splunk Observability Cloud. Depending on when your user was created, your user dashboard group may contain a large number of demo data dashboards.

The names of your user dashboard group and user dashboard are the the email address associated with your Splunk Observability Cloud account.

To access your user dashboard group, in the navigation menu, click Dashboards. At the top of the Dashboards page, youโ€™ll see your favorite dashboards, recently accessed dashboards, and your user dashboard in your user dashboard group.

This page was last updated on May 28, 2024.