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Azure metrics in Splunk Observability Cloud 🔗

All available metrics are included by default in any Azure integration with Splunk Observability Cloud.

Metric names and descriptions are generated dynamically from data provided by Microsoft. See all details in Microsoft’s Supported metrics with Azure Monitor .

Every metric can either be a counter or a gauge, depending on what dimension is being looked at. If the MTS contains the dimension aggregation_type: total or aggregation_type: count, then it is sent as a counter. Otherwise, it is sent as a gauge. To learn more, see Metric types and Metric time series.

Organization metrics 🔗

Splunk Observability Cloud organization metrics monitor data related to your Azure integration, such as the number of metric time series (MTS) your integration has created. The names of organization metrics all start with the string To learn more about these metrics, see View organization metrics for Splunk Observability Cloud.

This page was last updated on Jun 14, 2024.