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Use the Collector: How to perform common tasks 🔗

Browse the table below to learn how to carry out common tasks with the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector.

I want to…


Control data pre-ingest

Control data to ingest using the Collector

Obfuscate sensitive data

Use controls for sensitive data in Splunk APM

Uniquely identify an instance

Attributes processor

Use tags or attributes

Use tags or attributes in OpenTelemetry

Remove attributes

Attributes processor

Collect custom metrics

Receive any custom metric with the Collector

Collect Prometheus metrics

Prometheus receiver

Collect logs

Filelog receiver

Collect Kubernetes events

Collect events

Filter Kubernetes elements

Filter Kubernetes elements

Deactivate Kubernetes metrics

Kubernetes cluster receiver

Observe specific events

Receiver creator receiver

Look for support for an environment

Compatibility and requirements for Splunk Observability Cloud

Collector deployment options, such as Amazon Fargate, Ansible, Chef, PCF, or Puppet

Collector deployment tools and options

Look for changes between versions

This page was last updated on May 03, 2024.