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The guidelines in the Splunk Style Guide establish best practices for writing technical documentation. Search docs.splunk.com to find documentation related to Splunk products.
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Use a period at the end of full sentences, and don't use a period at the end of sentence fragments or after the last item in an unordered list. Use only 1 space after a period, or any other punctuation, that ends a complete sentence.

Be aware of the differences in these terms, which are all represented by a period character ( . ):

Terminology What it means
Dot The character used in domain names, email addresses, and computer files.
Full stop This term is traditionally British English slang meaning "end of discussion". Don't use it in Splunk documentation to mean terminal punctuation.
Period The name for the punctuation mark used at the end of a sentence.
Point The dot glyph used in numbers to separate the fractional part from the integer part.
Last modified on 11 January, 2024
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