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You can use prepositions to orient users to a location when writing Splunk documentation. Use your best judgment to determine what sounds best.

Choosing the best preposition

Use "into" in the context of getting data into a Splunk product. Otherwise, choose any preposition that fits the context of the sentence and doesn't cause confusion for the reader. The following list shows a number of acceptable options:

from the command line
from the Settings menu
in Splunk Cloud Platform
in a folder
in the Search bar
Get data into Splunk Enterprise.
on a forwarder
on an indexer
on the Dashboard toolbar
on your web browser
within a multi-clustered environment

You can also choose another word, such as "over", "across", "through", or "with" if that is more accurate:

  • over large datasets
  • across your deployment servers
  • through a custom event
  • with a token

Avoid Latin phrases in Splunk documentation, so don't use "via" as a preposition. See American English spelling and phrases.

Placing prepositions in a sentence

Place the preposition where it makes the sentence easiest to comprehend. It's okay to use a preposition at the end of a sentence. See the following examples:

  • Determine which deployment you're running your app in.
  • Define the assets that admins interact with.
  • This field represents the protocol that the rule is written for.
Last modified on 08 December, 2023
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