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Instrument React Native applications for Splunk RUM 🔗

Instrument your React Native applications to get Real User Monitoring (RUM) data into Splunk Observability Cloud. With Splunk RUM for Mobile, you can gain insight about the performance and health of your mobile apps.


Splunk React Native instrumentation distribution is currently in Beta. By using this package in production-grade environments, you accept all current limitations, including the possibility of breaking changes introduced in any release. Limited support will be provided to active Splunk Observability Cloud customers.

Get started with Splunk RUM for Mobile

To generate all the basic installation commands for your environment and application, use the React Native guided setup. To access the React Native guided setup, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Splunk Observability Cloud.

  2. Open the React Native guided setup . Optionally, you can navigate to the guided setup on your own:

    • In the navigation menu, select Data Management.

    • Go to the Available integrations tab, or select Add Integration in the Deployed integrations tab.

    • In the integration filter menu, select By Use Case.

    • Select the Monitor user experience use case.

    • Select the React Native Instrumentation tile to open the React Native guided setup.

For detailed installation instructions and requirements, see Install the React Native RUM agent for Splunk RUM.

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