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fields command usage

Internal fields

The leading underscore is reserved for names of internal fields such as _raw and _time. By default, the internal fields _raw and _time are included in the search results. The fields command does not remove these internal fields unless you explicitly specify that the fields should not appear in the output.

For example, to remove all internal fields, you specify:

... | fields - _*

To exclude a specific field, such as _raw, you specify:

... | fields - _raw

Be cautious removing the _time field. Statistical commands, such as timechart, cannot display date or time information without the _time field.

Differences between SPL and SPL2

List of fields must be comma-delimited

The list of fields must be comma-delimited. Otherwise a parsing error is returned. Because the include operator ( + ) is the default, it is not shown in these examples.

Version Example 1
SPL ... fields userId ip
SPL2 ... fields userId, ip

Command options must be specified first

Command options must be specified before command arguments. The exclude and include operators are command options.

Version Example 1
SPL ... fields - host src
SPL2 ... fields - host, src

Field names with special character must be in single quotes

Field names that contain anything other than a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or underscore ( _ ), need to be enclosed in single quotation marks.

Version Example 1
SPL ... fields - "_*" host src
SPL2 ... fields - '_*', host, src

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Last modified on 29 April, 2020
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