forwarding license

forwarding license


License for a forwarder, which is a Splunk Enterprise instance that forwards data to another Splunk Enterprise server or to a third-party system.

Splunk Enterprise offers several forwarder licensing options:

  • The universal forwarder package includes its own license. The license is enabled or applied automatically. This license allows forwarding but not indexing of unlimited data, and also enables security on the forwarder so that users must supply a user name and password to access it.
  • The heavy forwarder should have access to an Enterprise license stack if you plan to perform indexing on the forwarder or to enable authentication on the forwarder.
  • The light forwarder uses the same license as the universal forwarder. The light forwarder has been deprecated in Splunk Enterprise 6.2.0.

Forwarder licenses are included with Splunk Enterprise. If you install a universal forwarder, the license is preinstalled.

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