time range picker

time range picker


A tool to select and define the time range of a search when using Splunk Web. In the Search and Reporting app, the time range picker appears as a menu on the right side of the search bar. You can also define time range pickers with custom sets of time ranges for forms in views and dashboards.

The time range picker lets you run a search for a preset specified time period, such as Last 15 minutes or Yesterday. You can also use the time range picker to define your own custom time range for a search or set up a data collection window for a real-time search.

The time range picker is set to Last 24 hours by default. This setting searches for recent events and limits the time range of your search to improve performance. This setting searches the entire set of data in your index, from the oldest events to the most current. For large volumes of data, narrowing the time range of your search can improve its performance.

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