generating command

generating command


A search command that returns information or generates results. Some generating commands can return information from an index, a data model, a lookup, or a CSV file without any transformations to the information. Other generating commands generate results, usually for testing purposes.

Use generating commands at the beginning of the search string by specifying a leading pipe character before the generating command.

In Splunk Web and the command-line interface (CLI), a search command is implied at the beginning of the search string. By specifying the leading pipe character first, the implicit search command is not added to the beginning of the search. When you use generating commands, do not specify search terms before the leading pipe character.

Examples of generating commands include search (when used at the beginning of the pipeline), dbinspect, datamodel, inputcsv, inputlookup, loadjob, makeresults, metadata, pivot, and tstats.

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