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Collect Linux data 🔗

The Splunk OpenTelemetry Connector is a package that provides integrated collection/forwarding for all telemetry types for the Linux platform. Customers will deploy this connector in support of gathering telemetry for Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, Splunk APM, or Splunk Log Observer use cases.

This component is packaged in several formats/installers as appropriate for the specific Linux variant (for example, RPM, Debian, and containers as appropriate) and can be installed to VMs or hosts.

Supported versions 🔗

The following Linux distributions and versions are supported:

  • Amazon Linux: 2

  • CentOS / Red Hat / Oracle: 7, 8

  • Debian: 8, 9, 10

  • Ubuntu: 16.04, 18.04, 20.04

Getting started 🔗

For non-containerized Linux environments, an installation script is available for deploying and configuring the OpenTelemetry Connector and TD Agent (Fluentd). By default, the Splunk OpenTelemetry Connector listens on for log events forwarded from Fluentd. See Configure the collector for information on changing the default Fluentd configuration.

Run the following command on your host. Replace SPLUNK_REALM, SPLUNK_MEMORY_TOTAL_MIB, and SPLUNK_ACCESS_TOKEN for your environment.

curl -sSL > /tmp/;


By default, SPLUNK_MEMORY_TOTAL_MIB is set to 512. You can change this value to suit your needs. For more information, see Change the default behavior of the collector.