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Use Splunk Observability Cloud to monitor critical information about your applications, infrastructure, and cloud services.

Observability Cloud provides a unified experience for collecting and monitoring metrics, logs, and traces from common data sources. Data collection and monitoring in one place enables full-stack, end-to-end observability of your entire infrastructure.

Start getting data in Get data in. Learn how to monitor your infrastructure. Start getting data in to Splunk Observability Cloud .

Monitor your infrastructure View the health of your infrastructure. Monitor cloud services, hosts, and containers. Introduction to Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring .

Monitor your applications View the performance of applications. Monitor inbound and outbound dependencies for each service. Introduction to Splunk APM .

Monitor user experiences Monitor user interactions. Analyze web application performance. Introduction to Splunk RUM.

Troubleshoot with logs Troubleshoot incidents with your infrastructure and cloud services. Introduction to Splunk Log Observer .

Administration Manage users and teams. Control access with authentication tokens. Administer Splunk Observability Cloud .