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Monitor the performance of a user-facing application 🔗

Kai, a site reliability engineer at Buttercup Industries, a fictitious e-commerce company, uses Splunk Synthetic Monitoring to monitor the performance of the Buttercup Industries site. Kai’s use case demonstrates how uptime test monitoring can help keep you ahead of potential issues with your organization’s site or application.

Set an Uptime test to monitor a mobile app endpoint 🔗

Buttercup Industries has a large conference coming up. To support the sales team for the conference, Kai sets up an Uptime test to monitor the uptime of an endpoint for the Buttercup Sales mobile app. The sales team can uses the app to add new leads.

This is how Kai creates an Uptime test for this scenario:

This image shows a completed browser test.

Learn more 🔗

To learn how to set up an Uptime test, see Set up an Uptime test.

For an overview of the results and diagnostics that Uptime tests capture, see Interpret Uptime test results.