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Google Cloud Monitoring metrics 🔗

After you connect to GCP, metrics from Google Cloud Monitoring under Google Cloud metrics sync with Infrastructure Monitoring. Not all metrics are synced by default. To learn more, see Connect to GCP.

Metrics from Google Cloud Monitoring (formerly Stackdriver) contain dimensions that correspond to the Labels described in the Google Cloud metrics reference and the Monitored Resource Types reference. Use the monitored_resource dimension to determine which metric corresponds to a particular resource.

Although you can configure Cloud Monitoring to monitor AWS metrics, the GCP integration with Splunk Observability Cloud does not ingest them by default. You can enter additional GCP service domains while configuring your integration. Such a configuration does not connect your Observability Cloud instance to AWS.

Metrics 🔗

You can integrate the following GCP services with Splunk Observability Cloud.

These are the metrics available for the Google Cloud Platform integration with Splunk Observability Cloud, grouped by GCP resource. All metrics are included by default.

Google App Engine metrics 🔗

Google BigQuery metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Bigtable metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Datastore metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Functions metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Pub/Sub metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Router metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Spanner metrics 🔗

Google Cloud Storage metrics 🔗

Google Compute Engine metrics 🔗

Google Container Engine metrics 🔗

Google Kubernetes Engine metrics 🔗