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Kong Gateway 🔗

Description 🔗

The Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector provides this integration as the Kong Gateway monitor with the SignalFx Smart Agent receiver. This monitor requires version 0.11.2+ of Kong and version 0.0.1+ of kong-plugin-signalfx.

Note: This integration is only supported for Kong Gateway Community Edition (CE).

Benefits 🔗

After you’ve configured the integration, you can:

  • View metrics using the built-in dashboard. For information about dashboards, see View dashboards in Observability Cloud.

  • View a data-driven visualization of the physical servers, virtual machines, AWS instances, and other resources in your environment that are visible to Infrastructure Monitoring. For information about navigators, see Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring navigators.

  • Access Metric Finder and search for metrics sent by the monitor. For information about Metric Finder, see Use the Metric Finder.

Installation 🔗

This monitor is available in the SignalFx Smart Agent Receiver, which is part of the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector.

Follow these steps to deploy the integration:

  1. Install the Lua module on all Kong servers.

  2. Deploy the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector to your host or container platform.

  3. Configure the monitor, as described in the next section.

Configuration 🔗

To activate this monitor in the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector, add the following to your configuration:

    type: collectd/kong
    ...  # Additional config

To complete the monitor activation, you must also include the smartagent/kong receiver item in a metrics pipeline. To do this, add the receiver item to the service > pipelines > metrics > receivers section of your configuration file. For example:

      receivers: [smartagent/kong]

Configuration settings 🔗

The following is an example configuration:

   type: collectd/kong
   port: 8001
    - metric: request_latency
      report: true
    - metric: connections_accepted
      report: false

The following is an example configuration with custom /signalfx route and filter lists:

    type: collectd/kong
    port: 8443
      header: Authorization
      value: HeaderValue
      - metric: request_latency
        report: true
    reportStatusCodeGroups: true
      - 202
      - 403
      - 405
      - 419
      - "5*"
      - "*SomeService*"

Metrics 🔗

These metrics are available for this integration.

Troubleshooting 🔗

If you are not able to see your data in Splunk Observability Cloud:

  • Ask questions and get answers through community support at Splunk Answers.

  • If you have a support contract, file a case using the Splunk Support Portal. See Support and Services.

  • To get professional help with optimizing your Splunk software investment, see Splunk Services.