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Manage notification subscribers πŸ”—

When a detector triggers an alert in Observability Cloud, a notification is sent to the recipients you defined. Each recipient is a subscriber to the detector that triggers the alert.

You can manage the subscribers for all notifications sent by your detectors at any time, so that new alerts and their status are sent to the right people, channels, and systems in your organization.

To manage the notification recipients of existing detectors:


If you’re not receiving notifications as expected, see if any detector rules have been deactivated (see Manage alert rules). Also check the Muting Rules tab to make sure notifications haven’t been temporarily suspended.

Manage subscribers from the Detectors tab πŸ”—

To manage the subscribers to a specific detector:

  1. Go to Alerts and select the Detectors tab.

  2. Select the more icon (β‹―) of the detector you want to edit.

  3. In the actions menu, select Manage Subscriptions.

  4. In the dialog box, select Add Recipient.


Recipients can be added separately for each rule.

Subscribe to alerts using the Detector menu πŸ”—

You can manage subscriptions to any detector linked to a chart by using the detector (or bell) icon in each chart that has active detectors. To learn more, see View active alerts related to a chart.

To subscribe to a linked detector from a chart:

  1. Select the Detector menu (bell icon).

  2. Select the detector, then select Subscribe.

    Subscribing to a detector using the Detector menu

Remove notification recipients from a detector πŸ”—

To stop sending notifications to a recipient, open the detector from the Detectors tab and edit each rule.

You can also Manage subscribers from the Detectors tab to see a list of current recipients and select the X next to any recipient to unsubscribe them.

Do more with your notifications πŸ”—

To further manage your subscriptions and notifications: